Too Old To Settle

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There are about as many different kinds of love in this world, as there are colors. And there is no right color – it’s all a matter of what feels right to the beholder. So when a certain hue continually pulls your eye, lights your heart and infuses your soul, its safe to say – that’s your color.

Overall, the colors that paint my walls and surround me, are neutral tones. But that’s solely so that I can add whatever color of art that catches my eye. And when it comes to art, there is no way to describe what I like except to say – I know it when I see it. And thus, describes the workings of my heart.

I’m getting too old to settle for anything other than exactly what I want when it comes to life. Life’s too short for flat wine, stale cookies, or a blouse that fits funny. And its sure as hell too short for bad sex. And speaking as a woman of 42 years, I can say, without a doubt, such a thing does exist. I’m a passionate person. But in no way is that to be confused with being a reckless, wanton soul who seeks a topsy-turvy life. Passion merely means one who not only feels deeply, but longs to live fully. I can be just as passionate about writing as I can about the one with whom I am in love. With age, comes a bit of wisdom. And this time around, the only partner I will have, is one with whom I share the same passion.

I’d rather go it alone than be trapped within a lukewarm relationship or one that rides like a roller coaster of anger and deceit. I’ve done that. Many of us have done that. For me, the good stuff is when the heart is safe, and the companion is true, then and only then can passion be expressed in full. When I take on the world, I need to know the one standing beside me is there for the right reasons. The color of love with which I desire is one where the chemistry and magnetic pull is intensely delicious and beautiful to behold. But such beauty can only exists when it has the right natural balance; a safe color that brings balance to the room and the union.

Passion lives within all magnificent things. Listening to Mohamed Nasheed’s passion to save his country from drowning in the Indian Ocean is enough to inspire anyone – or at least it should. His passion sits deep, his words pierce the ear of the listener with their honesty and truth. A meal prepared by a passionate chef is a feast worthy of being one’s final meal. Passion is the purest form of love. Whether that love is for the arts, food, one’s country or a beautiful person. Passion is the brightest of the colors that love has to offer. We are all passionate about something.

Never hide your passion. You’ve got one shot to live this life – do it boldly. In doing so, take the time to provide it with the right backdrop and foundation; give it balance, then paint your world like there’s no tomorrow.



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