Keep Digging

My brother and I once tried to dig to China. It seemed plausible at the time, especially considering we had already unearthed a cement slab that, surprisingly, possessed an iron handle. Obviously, this slab, buried under a foot or so of ground, was the door allowing us access to where we wanted to go. Imagine the odds of that?

I was all of about five at the time, so it never dawned on me to ask questions. I just knew my brother was brilliant. He did, after all, manage to find a door, hidden in the ground. I would have followed my brother anywhere.

I gave no thought to what we would do once we pried the cement slab from its snug-fitting home within the dirt. Most likely in my young mind, my brother and his accomplice (with me in tow), would enter the tunnel, and pop our heads out in the middle of a street bustling with Chinese. Once there, we’d look around a bit, then go back home for lunch. I’m pretty sure that’s how Bugs Bunny did it, and that’s why it made sense then that we would too.

I didn’t believe everything I watched on TV. I knew I’d never be able to locate anvil, not to mention drop it on someone while in the desert in the same way Wile E. Coyote did – time and time again. Oddly enough though, tunneling seemed doable.

I miss those days of heading off on an adventure; convinced of my own success. My adult mind, if given it’s way, attempts to remind me of my many shortcomings and the impossibility of the adventure. As a child, my mind never once tried to stop me from anything. In fact, I dare say, my mind was just as involved in the adventure as my wild heart.

We become wiser with age. But I also feel, in many ways, our minds narrow. We lose our sense of knowing somewhere along the line. I can’t say I want my mind to know and believe whole heartedly that I can, with only the use of my hands (or any other method), tunnel to China. I would however, like my mind to see less of the negative and more of the positive in all things. The negative will arrive on its own, if and when it chooses. But the belief in the positive brings on a feeling that is worthy of experiencing in and of itself. Doubt and worry feel similar to rough, cold fabric whereas knowing, all is well, feels like cashmere.

My brother and his friend gave up their quest to reach China via direct route through the center of the earth. I don’t think their efforts lasted long after their young arms failed to lift the cement slab from the ground. Not surprisingly, when they turned and headed in a new direction, I followed. And now, so many years later, my brother and I are once again taking steps toward a new adventure. I hope with every step we take, we do so knowing – everything will be alright. We’ve only just begun to tunnel to a very new, very good place. I think as we all head off on whatever journey we choose, big or small, daunting or simple, we should do so with the feeling of cashmere. Why not feel good as go forward – the rough stuff will find us without us finding it. So stop looking for it. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic thoughts, and allow yourself to feel good for a change.



3 thoughts on “Keep Digging

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thanks! Sometimes it feels like it takes all the luck, prayers and positive thought I can find; not to mention every crossed toe and finger. But I try.

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