Is The Bank Open On Saturday?

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The only solace a writer can find upon reading a less than desirable review is the knowledge that some of the best, most acclaimed writers have also received their share of questionable reviews.

My Insanity Blog serves as my Savings Account for errant thoughts; into which, as you are fully aware, I make many deposits. My thought today is that there are no better words spoken about my work than : well-written. Two words that mean a great deal. I have to imagine they can be likened to the word delicious when said to a chef upon taking the first bite of their carefully prepared meal. All of these words and opinions, the good and the bad, are subjective and need to be taken with a block of salt.

However, as a writer, the hardest pill to swallow is when someone says my dialogue does not ring true; especially when the dialogue is something I once said, and was once said back to me. There is no truer kind of dialogue than the kind that has actually and organically transpired. What is true to a reviewer and true to me, can be vastly different. One person may love hearing that the special entrée for the night is a Spiced Ginger Chicken. Truth is, they love ginger. For me, the word alone tightens my stomach and I know it is not special – to me. Two separate truths.

These are the words of this one reviewer, as she discusses my novel, A Contented Mind: “I also thought they were on the angsty side using phrases like ‘I’d die without you,” “can’t live without you,” etc. Those are just examples and not direct quotes. For two adults, this type of dialogue was a little off-putting and didn’t ring true.”

The love I experienced, that sat as the foundation for this particular line of dialogue, was felt on a cellular level. And when it ended, when the love died, I grieved. I needed time to mourn the loss and to this day I still feel the loss. This person died, by the way. So sometimes us adults can have that deep of love for one another. It happens.

So that is my thought for today; my mental, emotional, deposit into this blogging bank. As a writer we take our lumps, but never should we alter our voice. Thanks for standing in line with me.



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