I Just Don’t Give a F*ck


I swear more than most. If you didn’t know that about me – now you do. I don’t run around letting loose expletive after expletive. It’s not like that. But when my guard is down, I will admit to dropping the F bomb, both as a colorful or cursed adjective, noun or adverb.

I don’t hold any personal convictions regarding cursing. I also don’t have any religious hang ups that may persuade me from using any certain word. I do, however, try to reign in my full spectrum vocabulary when around certain individuals; not because of me, but because of them. I never want to offend anyone. And oddly enough, even when an expletive is not directed toward them, some are offended when one is said. I don’t operate that way. I’m only hurt when something is aimed toward me.

When communicating, the whole goal is to engage others in the conversation. Thus, if certain words are off-putting to some, I try to omit them. Occasionally however, they slip from my lip like spittle from a newly Novocained mouth.

I find it odd that expletives are considered so terrible. An expletive is simply a word. A conglomeration of letters that have no power by themselves. The power is in the intent. Like a gun, the word is harmless – the damage rests solely in where it is aimed and how it is used. I use my expletives carefully. Sometimes however, the best adjective in my arsenal of words, is an expletive – plain and simple. 

Words of hate are the ones that make my skin tighten and my mind recoil. As a society, I feel those are the words that mark the underpinnings for which we should be concerned. Words prohibited in my home: stupid, retarded and nigger, among others. I suppose I’m off on this, but I feel those are the words that should get everyone’s dander up and be retired. The right word has the potential and power to reconfigure a person’s life – it can save a life, it can end a life.

Within the walls of my home, words of hate are unacceptable, as are words of racism. Racist words are damaging and prove only ignorance on the part of the one speaking them. 

Compared to words of hate, the F bomb seems like a minor infraction. I’m probably one of the only few that views words in this way. And, If I’ve ever offended anyone, I apologize.

I will never understand this type of vicarious offense. I’m happy when someone is speaking freely, sharing a part of themselves with me – use whatever word you wish. I don’t mind. Whether through speaking, writing or music, I feel the world would run a bit smoother if all styles were openly accepted. If we are to put into place invisible rules governing behavior and expression, let those rules be: acceptance of others, govern only yourself and never hate someone simply because they appear different. 

With writing, there are many (too many), eager to say what is acceptable and good writing and what is not. And I’m certain, many will throw the gavel down and render my writing as crudely hammered prose. And that is fine. Because I really don’t give a… 


Written to: Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night

2 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Give a F*ck

  1. Wandering Voiceless

    Yep, yep… totally agree. Our household also banned those same words. Not even things could be stupid, much less people. Of course, at work — I’m a public safety dispatcher — all bets are off… people ARE stupid. ;>

    I’ve on occasion let that Fword fly… but Prince Charming cringes every time I do, so I try to respect his cringing. But on the other hand, since I agree with you, I mean nothing by it, it just adds emphasis to whatever I’m saying, I also believe he could just let me roll with it once in a while.

    I’ve recently learned the word feck. Not sure why the e makes it better, but I’m all in for trying it out. :>


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