Cool, Clean Water

I’m not exactly certain who’s to blame in its entirety – if anyone. But there’s been a shift over time, and it’s not for the better. Truthfulness is no longer valued, and treated as the necessity of life it once was. I can’t say this is a world-wide pandemic, as I haven’t trekked the globe to find out. But like contaminated water, it’s a crisis that’s seeping across this side of the world.

There was a time, a long time ago, when one would rather shorten their life-span than throw a fib, lie or any other half truth, toward another.

I have to believe that the media is partially to blame for this moral decline. Our world is inundated with a lack of factual representation. And from that we’ve become numb to it; it’s become the accepted norm. And thus, it seems, the norm in our personal lives as well. It’s a terrible state of affairs. Ranging from the benign fib told to free one from the telephone or a lie that is toxic by content – all possess a certain amount of ill-will and lack of emotional and moral fortitude. I know. I know. Everyone lies. And some are insignificant. When one fibs and says dinner was sublime when really it soured their mouth upon every bite – then the lie is generated from a place of love and kindness. Feelings have been spared. And if anything, the one casting the lie is the one that suffers. But they do so with loving intent.

I’m not too concerned with that side of the disingenuous coin. I’m concerned with the other side and how it’s becoming common place. Those who dole out untruths become immune to their own words; the moral ping they used to feel within their heart upon being insincere becomes calloused. When I’m told something that is illuminated even lightly with insincerity something inside pricks at my heart. I take notice. Generally, I never alert the one on the other end. Instead, I merely begin logging each occurrence. My hope is that there won’t be any more. But if it becomes routine, I’m eventually forced to pull away. I deserve better. Everyone deserves better.

Love and honesty go hand in hand. One can’t exist without the other. This goes for friendships, romantic relationships and all points in between. In the same way that we, as a nation, have come to realize our government lies to us continually due to thinking very little of us – the same holds true for anyone that lies; the neighbor, our cousin, and most of all the one that holds our heart.

At times dishonesty seems easier; the path of least resistance. But that is short-sighted thinking. In the moment, it may seem alright. However, our moral fortitude is a lot like a pool of water. Instinctually, it searches for the easiest path, and if allowed to stray repeatedly it eventually spreads itself too thin, dries up and nothing is left. And thus is the condition of the human mind when moral strength isn’t employed to keep it held in place. In the end nothing is left from which to draw upon. Our words and gestures become as empty and meaningless as a glass of dust offered to a parched soul. It’s best to keep one’s well-house of integrity contained; the walls held firmly in place; by doing so the person as a whole is made stronger. Our words then, have the power to not only replenish ourselves but also replenish others.

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