No Way Back From Here

The power of the written word can not be underestimated. When those words are set into motion, propelled by rhythm, the energy that is life takes form. That is why music touches the soul. Within the right song, invisible energy, becomes tangible and textured. Finally, we are able to feel it.

When thoughts are fixed and unshakable, music can enter in, and transform a hardened mind into the free-flowing mechanism it was meant to be. Like a spotlight, a certain song casts its glow, and reveals a life that’s walking the wrong path. I experienced such a song. Once it entered my life, everything changed.

Written words, such as these here, are like therapy; they touch the mind by slowly allowing the reader to think inward. Music, is like a drug that penetrates quickly.

No one but me knew the working’s of my mind at that time. No one but me knew the demons resting inside me. And yet, a simple song, put words to what I hadn’t wanted to say.

Lately, I’ve been

Living in my head

The rest of me is dead

I’m dying for truth

I can think of no one, other than myself, who knows why those words spoke to me as they did. Yet, like medicine, the energy within that song resonated so deeply within me, I stopped walking the road I had been on. And like medicine that enables an ill patient to regain their strength, that song empowered me to live the life of my choosing. I began writing my first novel that day. For once, the ground beneath my feet felt right. This was not an impetuous choice. It was a choice my soul made years prior; even when my mind had resisted. The soul always knows where it needs to go. The road may be uncertain, but when it feels right, there’s no looking back, and there’s no better place to be.

This world will always require medication. Whether from wrong choices, ill-fated decisions or inner struggles that tether us to a place we no longer want to be – regardless of the reason, we all need to be healed.

Aptly enough, the name of that song was: No Way Back.



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