Ever Changing

Self acceptance can mean many things. Sometimes what we accept are the very things about ourselves which we loathe. But we accept them just the same.

The world is quick to label people. But we are even quicker to acceptance those labels. And when the label begins to define us, we often choose not to change the label but to let the label change who we are. I know many people who believe they are the embodiment of the many flaws they see in themselves. I, am not defined by my flaws and failures any more than I am defined by my success.

In time, we do become what we believe. I once read: One can’t live a positive life with a negative mind. And the perception we have of ourselves sits at the crux of our perception of life. Over the years I’ve gotten kinder with myself. I have many flaws, but I see them more as something on the exterior that can and will change. Like the wrong color painted onto a house, in time it will either fade, and peel away, or I will finally put the effort into applying a new coat; using a color that pleases me. Accepting and labeling myself by an aspect that I’m not fond of, makes no more sense than declaring a house painted purple as house that can be no other color.

If you don’t like something, change it. Do so without limitation or labels, or wild expectation. Go easy with it. But never hinder your ability to create anew. You have the ability to be, do and have what you desire within yourself. Change is inherent and change is natural. The seasons do it without apology. And so should we. To say, this is who I am. But then not like who you are – is toxic. If you need to define yourself, let your definition be: ever-changing. And if you are to accept any label, accept the one that reads: work in progress. Why should it be any other way?



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