By Default

There are a few angles from which to view life. One, is of an omnipotent being that throws both good and bad circumstances our way. Another, is that life is a school wherein we’re constantly tested. I don’t believe either of those.

I believe life is a place where good and bad things happen regardless of us being here or not. It’s not personal. Things happen, and not necessarily to teach us, or to prepare us for anything. These things are simply inherent to this particular kind of world.

I do feel though, that we’re here with a purpose, and if allowed, we can work in connection with that ever-present, omnipotent force. We’re either in harmony with it, or disharmony; living actively or by default. Like any other device, we can operate with the pre-set, default setting blinking repetitively, or we can fine tune these lives of ours. Many haven’t a clue of the choices given. Many never stop to change the settings in their lives. They live in a life that’s flashing 12:00am regardless of the time. Unlike a digital alarm clock, I don’t feel we can manipulate life down to the minute, unfortunately. But we can surely set things into motion. Instead of being passive participants we can give our life direction.

When something bad happens, people often believe God is against them; punishing them. I can’t say I know why bad things happen other than, it’s all part of living in a contrasting world. Without the bad, we never fully appreciate the good. Without hunger we never truly grasp the magnificence of being satiated. Without having lived with the wrong partner, we never understand the beauty of living with right partner. This world seems to be a place that offers a buffet of contrast. We pick and choose. But when we choose something and discover it was a horrific choice – don’t blame anyone, including God or yourself. Instead, start the process of choosing something different. Many of us begin this journey with only a vague concept of what we want and what we hope to accomplish. It’s only through this continual exposure to contrast that we become skilled at fine tuning our life.

We start out knowing only that we are hungry. It isn’t until sampling food that we discover what we’re hungry for. Sometimes all we know is that we’re lonely. It isn’t until having had the company of another that we discover loneliness has little to do with a partner and everything to do with ourselves. Then, and only then, can find a partner that adds to an already fulfilled life.

Life allows us that; it allows us continual exposure to what we don’t want so that we know what we do want. Change can be scary; no doubt about it. But that’s the art of fine tuning.



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