This Is My Wish

I have to wonder, does the sun get lonely. So often it is watched with longing and soft sentiments, but nothing more. Does it whisper to the moon upon their passing. And when it does – does the moon smile, and reply.

There are those who live with one foot in this world, and one foot out. Never once do they know the feeling of sublime complacency. Instead, they hover between the two: the world that displays these words before your eyes, and the world where the words were formed.

The ethereal world that sits just beyond our view, sits blatantly in mine. Often, I wish it weren’t so. There are two kinds of writers: those who write and those who write from the soul. The latter, like the sun, is never quite at home – regardless of how bright they shine, or how natural they may appear. Don’t let this scare you. This isn’t lunacy. Lunacy is to deny what is. It takes unquestionable sanity to claim it.

When I cry, my soul cries. When I laugh, my soul joins me. And when I write, my soul speaks. I have to imagine, this is felt by those around me. Perhaps that is why I hold most at bay.

When I sit this weekend, and pour my first glass of Côtes du Rhône, I will be making a wish. Instead of blowing out candles, and casting that wish into the stars, I will send it across the world within this missive. And that wish is: That everyone sees their beauty. That they not battle their demons for too many years before coming to peace with who they are. And if, like me, they only have one foot in, let that foot be firmly planted.

That is my wish. The telling of it, is my journey.

I never feel alone when I sit with the sun, or the moon. Perhaps because we know how the other feels. They are as much a part of this world, as they are a part of the world beyond our eyes. And yet, we both just keep soldiering on.


Written to Into The Mystic by Van Morrison

11 thoughts on “This Is My Wish

  1. Wandering Voiceless

    A very happy birthday to you… and may your heart allow you many, many, many more. GREAT song. (Finally, one I’ve heard!) :>

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you WV! And may your memories one day soften and dissipate, allowing room for only images of what now surrounds you. Much love ~ Sane (And yes, awesome song 🙂

      1. Wandering Voiceless

        They’re probably as “soft” as they’re gonna get, but I appreciate the good thought. :>

      2. SaneSamantha Post author

        As your friend, I can still hope that they do dissipate. It is amazing how our mind’s have the ability to see with vivid clarity something that happened 20, 30 years ago…yet, we can forget the comforting smile of a friend. Something about that doesn’t seem quite fair. I am sending many good thoughts you way. As always ~ S.

      3. Wandering Voiceless

        Right?! I can’t remember what I did last week, but I sure carry around a bunch of stuff from decades ago. Good thoughts streaming back to you, too, my friend.

      4. SaneSamantha Post author

        Ha! You’d think my logical mind would realize if it were to jettison a few old memories, there’d finally be room to remember to buy my damn multi-vitaman while at the store! Oh the woes of the human mind 🙂

      5. Wandering Voiceless

        LMAO! I go nowhere without my phone… because it has all my lists in it… and the names of my immediate family… and my name… you know, because I forget all of that from time to time. :>

      6. SaneSamantha Post author

        Too Funny! Just the other day someone asked how old I would be. I replied, “43. NO! 44. Wait…I’m 42…shit. I can’t remember. I was born in ’68. I don’t know…42, I think…” lol And yet, I can remember in detail, something as benign as having a Twinkie in grade school! Argh!

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