A Very Wide Lens


When I was all of about ten years old, I would sit with my father, and try to help him make sense of God. As hard as he tried, he could not come to terms with a God that would allow suffering. As he voiced his dislike of God, I voiced words that offered a different view. And as hard as I tried, I could not get this Vodka saturated, troubled yet kind man, to see that his issues were more with himself than a Supreme Being. My Father wanted a God that paved the roads with gold, and brought good fortune to all. But this Force that created gold and good fortune, also created mankind. And as we know, mankind can be kind and it can be cruel; sensitive and unthinkably brutal to itself and to others.

How one life was judged as blessed when healing came its way, yet another with just as pure a heart was left to die – troubled my father greatly. He was not about to praise a God that could be so cruel. In my opinion, God isn’t cruel – life can be. When my father passed, my brother and I held no religious service. Instead, we let him peacefully go, knowing he was finally free to get the answers for which he struggled to find.

I view God a bit different from most. People judge us, God does not. People try to control our actions, God does not. People try to decide our worthiness, God does not. If we are created in God’s image its fair to say that we were born just as we were meant to be. Through whatever means it happened, I feel that we were not created separate from All That Is, but instead, All That Is, has been recreated within us. Please know my view of God has always been through the use of a very wide lens. I can’t imagine wanting to view this type of energy in any other way.

With that, when we disregard the feelings of others, we are hurting the divine in that person, and the divine within ourselves. Of course, some get callused to this, over time. But for many of us – we know. When our actions are not in-line with the better part of ourself we feel something prick at our heart. I use this guide, as my religion. When I feel I am wandering, I either look to nature to remind me of the power and magnificence of God, or I look within.


Written to Cobrastyle by The Teddybears (When I hear this song, I dance.)


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