Among Us

Who among us hasn’t pointed with a finger or tapped with a toe at something on the floor hoping the dog will eat it?

Who among us hasn’t dug through the laundry to find what we wanted, then sniffed to see if it was offensive or not?

Who among us hasn’t privately sung unintelligible words to a song on the radio?

Who among us hasn’t pressed harder on the remote control button once the batteries have run low?

We are not so different from the other. We do the same things. We long for the same things. And, sadly, we struggle with the same things. We amble along in an uncertain world, wanting only certainty.

I’m certain of one thing, and that’s that there will always be the unknown sitting before us. We work hard to shape our world with guarantees, knowing inside, there are none. We sign a mortgage, when in our heart we know our job may be gone tomorrow. We wed another hoping to grow together, aware that one can’t predict the direction of growth.

Who hasn’t questioned if their broken heart will ever heal, wondered if they will die alone, and doubted themselves, and their ability to achieve their dreams. Within every person is a struggle: large or small.

Not only do we share the same fears, we share the same desires. We know that love is a risk, and yet we find ourselves longing to be understood by another. Within every person is the desire to share the weight of their heaviest secret. It is absurd to want such a thing, and yet, we all do. Within all of us is the need to find fulfillment in life and in love; to reach for something more. Whether those movements be small or sweeping, the urge is there regardless if it’s allowed or restrained. What each of us wants differs greatly from one to the other, and yet, the wanting is the same.


Playing in the background: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons


2 thoughts on “Among Us

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thanks Chris! Imagine how nice the world would be if we all just dropped the crap and shed the mask of insecurity. What a pleasant thought…


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