Careful How You Throw

To live in a world where the boomerang effect reigns supreme would be a wonderful thing. I’m quite diligent in how I treat others. Not so much to prompt a response in them. I do it to honor the better part of me.

Ninety-three percent of the time, I operate with compassion. I give myself the seven percent leeway because quite honestly, after enough time has passed wherein one has looked like a duck, and walked like a duck, I will without an ounce of tact, tell them they are indeed a duck. But that doesn’t happen often.  And at present, there are no ducks in view.

As much as I’d like to believe that what we extend toward others comes back like a boomerang, I don’t necessarily believe it to be the case. If so, truly loathsome individuals would be living truly loathsome existences. I do believe however, that how we treat others reveals more about ourselves than it does the one to whom we are treating. A good pitcher carefully lets the ball spin from their fingers. The receiver is being given the pitcher’s best, honoring both involved. Doing the same with one’s actions requires integrity. It seems though, that integrity is a fading quality in today’s world. Like clean air and water, it’s getting harder and harder to find. Careless balls are lobbed without thought. And good people are being forced to dodge quite a few bad throws.

There are so many emotionally crippled people in the world today doling out insensitivity, callousness and selfish behavior, its easy to lose sight of how one should behave. People spend their time watching tv shows and movies where exaggerated versions of themselves are displayed as the new norm. And yet, there is nothing normal or healthy about such behavior. Emptiness is on the rise and the fallout is getting rather devastating. A part of me is convinced our beautiful earth is mirroring back the instability of those walking upon its surface.

I have to wonder if everyone were to look at themselves in a mirror, would they be proud of what they saw. Are they proud of the person they’ve become. If not, it’s never too late to change.

Be kind to others not because it may promise that in return, but because by doing so we are first and foremost being kind to ourselves. Of course, if we all did this, imagine how divine the world would be.

I don’t care if what I’m holding is a boomerang. It still mirrors me. Everything I do reveals who I am. And I kinda like who I am. I know what I throw may never come back to me with the same kindness that I’ve sent out. But that doesn’t mean I should change how I throw.




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