Taking a Deep Breath

Do not lose hold of your dreams or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist but you have ceased to live. ~ Henry David Thoreau 

I don’t feel we are here to merely go about the business of being alive. Furthermore, I don’t believe the miracle that is birth, brought us into being solely so we could sit at a desk, push paper around, make meals then go to sleep; only to do it again the next day.

Within every person, whether they allow themselves the audaciousness to tap into it or not, there is a dream. They aspire to accomplish, endeavor in or become something. We live in a world that, more often than not, works diligently to convince us of our shortcomings and inability to do anything beyond completing the most basic human functions. As if we were merely animals.

But we aren’t the beasts that mull around in the field. We operate on quite a different level. We dream. Rarely does a cow want more for itself and its offspring. Of course, I haven’t consulted any cows lately. But I’m quite certain I’m right in this assumption.

Dreams are to the soul, what air is to the lungs. The body will fight with all its might to breathe. Because it knows once it stops, it dies. The soul works in the same way. Only its death is a slower, less obvious one. Making it a bit easier to dismiss. But smothering one’s aspirations is as lethal as smothering one’s ability to breathe. There is a great number of people walking around, only half alive. Generally, you can see it in their eyes. They see themselves as having no purpose greater than, or sadly less than, that of a mule made to carry out the duties of another. An animal used for service.

When we believe less of ourselves than what our soul knows to be true, we begin a slow suicide. It is amazing to me how people will spin into an uproar when someone chooses to end their physical life. Yet, those same people think little of someone choosing to cut short their dreams. And dreams, are the stuff of God and the Universe. In my opinion the church of God isn’t a structural building of wood or brick. Those are just gathering places. God’s true church is a place within us. We all possess this place. Whether we choose to visit it or not.

It is my resolute belief that if we have the ability to create a dream, we also have the ability to fulfill the dream. The lungs pull air in trusting that the body will handle the rest. Never once does it stop mid inhale because it’s unsure if the breath will be a successful one. It simply does what it has to do to survive, knowing that if it has the urge to breathe, then it must find a way to get air in.

So dream with the understanding that we don’t always have to know what will happen once we step into the dream. Just know that for your spiritual body to survive we have to allow the dream to breathe.



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