Old Souls


I was talking with a friend the other day, and the comment was made about old souls. This comment being made by me, as I’m a believer in such. I have no evidence to support this belief. Regardless, it is a belief by which I stand. Let me tell you why.

When one takes a bird’s eye view of the world, their perception changes. Some people can’t remove themselves to that extent. But for those who can, people are seen in a different light. From this angle, no one is better than. No one is worse than. Instead, everyone is seen merely reacting to life.

It is in how they react that convinces me that they are either an old soul or a new soul. I have to imagine a new soul is much like that of a child. They dive into this world with wonder, but they also act out easily. When hurt they hurt back. When scared, they run and hide.They struggle to articulate what rests upon their heart. And often, have a hard time seeing beyond their own feelings. Very much like that of a child. But children also carry with them an innocence that is breathtaking, and can’t be found within those who’ve been around awhile. A child’s optimism is contagious and addictive.

And then there are those who react less impetuously. They aren’t filled with as much fear, jealousy and insecurity. They’d rather give than take. They tend to ensure the happiness of others a bit more than that of themselves. They often think beyond their initial impulse and question the impact of their actions. I would go so far as to say these souls have had time to age. Often, the downside to such aging is that a bit of enthusiasm gets lost along the way. These souls are tired. Not angry, spiteful or bitter. Just tired from having logged the many years since they too were young.

Regardless of age, people can add to the life of another, just as easily as they can take from that life. It isn’t easy to preserve oneself while dealing with the actions of others. But its easier when their actions are viewed from a distance. Once objectively viewed, the soul’s maturity is revealed.These might just be the whimsical thoughts of this peculiar writer. But if so, one has to question why someone who is fifty can be riddled with fear, all the while someone of the same age knows: all is well. How two people of the same physical age can have two vastly different views; how one who has been subjected to great tragedy has the ability to react with inner peace, while one who has seen little turmoil reacts overtly amazes me. Surely there is a reason for this. But then again, I tend to want to believe we are more than just the chemical and electrical impulses coursing through our body. I believe it is the part of ourselves that we can’t quite account for, that defines us. Philosophers, predating me by hundreds of years, have always professed that the mind gathers knowledge while the soul gathers wisdom. The mind thinks, the soul knows. I agree. Of course, I could be wrong. But I don’t think so.



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