Sorry I haven’t been around lately. Those closest to me know to wonder when my writing makes a disappearance. Usually its an indication that I’ve lost my balance. That I’ve finally given up on mankind and have chosen to get lost in The Great Forest found through human detachment. That’s not what’s happened. Actually, I’ve spent the day in bed.

You see. I’m quite ill. Gravely. And my death-bed is covered with crumpled tissues. Well, maybe it’s not my death-bed. Truth is, I’ll probably live to see another day. But I am moving through Kleenex so quickly, I’m considering buying stock in the company. Head colds can do that to a person.

I have the kind of cold that makes the mind slow down due to being enclosed in what feels like a foggy tunnel. My eyes are watery. And I’ve sneezed far more than I’ve spoken today. But you know – it’s not that bad. When these minor ailments strike I’m forced to bring down the rpm’s of my mind. Although I’ve been battling this pesky intruder for a few days now, today was the first day that I’ve chosen to act like a slug.

So here I am, laying on my bed with pink fuzzy slippers and a comfy VS sweat pant ensemble. I am surrounded by books, my notepad that is always by my side, my dog (of course), those Kleenex I mentioned earlier and the TV remote. Instead of watching intellectually stimulating shows. I’ve opted for the movie, Splash. Its plot takes fictional feasibility straight into the stratosphere. But I don’t mind. Even within a non contemplative movie there’s a good line or two. I smiled when the character Allen Bauer (Tom Hanks) leans against the bar and says, “There will never be someone for me. I’m going to die alone surrounded by rotting fruit.” Good line. But nothing’s better than watching John Candy in a burgundy polyester workout suit, smoking a cigarette, playing racket ball. It’s those simple little visuals and sincere lines that feel good when heard by crackly ears and seen by blurred eyes. After this, its Night of the Owl by Alfred Hitchcock.

On days like these the greatest challenge I place upon myself is to shuffle into the bathroom for more cold meds, which I dry swallow before even walking back out the door. It seems my body is forcing me to take a reprieve. And that’s not such a bad thing.


Oh, and in no way have I been jumping happily in my bed today, as the picture above might suggest. There was just something so smile-inducing about seeing the cat, its torso stretched from jumping, I had to use the photo.

7 thoughts on “Bedtime

  1. The C-Sweet

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about feeling that being sick enough to be bed-ridden sometimes is not such a bad thing and your brain is actually grateful for the slower pace…….that says a lot about why I decided to be semi-retired at age 50 – going 100 mpg constantly for a really long time makes a girl TIRED. Love the jumping cat picture. Hope you’re feeling better!!


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