It’s unusual to me that some of those who zealously believe in God, do so also believing God created all things. Rarely, do they separate the two. Yet, at the same time, they feel this being has only one method by which to communicate. I tend to look at God much like that of a radio that has many difference frequencies, offering many different options.

I think if its safe to say this force has the ability to create the sound of rain, laughter from a baby and wind blowing through the trees – it is also safe to say it has created many different tones and rhythms by which to speak. My mind has a hard time believing otherwise.

Although religion may not be inherently bad, and may still possess some of its original value – overall I see it as similar to that of political parties; working to spotlight our differences, enforcing its will upon others and ultimately dividing those whom it should be uniting. I realize that may sound harsh. That is not my intent. I can’t help but to view the world from a bit of a distance. And when I do, this is what I see.

I feel it is up to us to find the frequency that speaks to our inner being. We have the free will to scan all the options, and settle into the one that sounds right. No frequency is better than the other; no sound more important nor valid. The options are just so very different because we are so very different.

I wonder why anyone with a functioning mind would believe in only one set of rules, and one set of beliefs. And yet claim this force made the world, which is one of the most contrasted and diverse places.

For some of us, we find our direction not through the use of doctrines but by listening to the sound of gentle waters bouncing over river stones, or the sound of birds singing under the morning sun. For others, it is through clear words spoken by a teacher. I see no right or wrong way. But I do believe it is up to us to keep hitting scan until we find what sounds right. And then, if we decide it no longer suits us, it is up to us to find a different frequency that does. We are given so many choices. We are also given the choice to listen.


Written to The Doors – People Are Strange

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