In the Wind

Although I can’t assume to know the thoughts of all, I do know the thoughts of some. I’m also acutely aware of the overall feeling that’s hovering in the atmosphere. And that feeling is one of unrest. The earth is trembling from uncertainty, and so are we.

Some of us hide it better than others, and surely better than the earth which thinks nothing of erupting in bouts of outrage. But all it takes is a brief conversation to get a sense of the worries floating across the minds of people. I find that more often than not, we reveal more about ourselves through the simple things we say.

People are conditioned to consider carefully their larger statements. Like a Broadway show, those statements are choreographed carefully for full impact. I pay attention to the statements that are said off stage; the one’s revealed without rehearsal. I’ve always had an ear for the knee-jerk responses one makes to a given situation. Because it is the thoughts that sit on the tip of one’s tongue that gives the person their unique color. Or more so, how they color their world.

Some see the world through judgmental eyes. Others with eyes that see only the vast change and view it with hope and eagerness. There are those who are angry at the challenges they’ve been made to face. Yet for others, they see those challenges as mountains that had to be crossed to get to the valley below.

People believe that artists consist of only a small few. I believe we are all artists. Life is our canvas. The colors we choose are the words we say, and the actions we take. Like all artists, some work on a smaller scale, others large. Regardless of size, we are all painting something for the world to see. Even the most camouflaged person, reveals through subtle lines their truth hidden within. I tend to look for those lines.

I think if we were able to view a gallery lined with all these different canvases, we would notice a recurring theme. Whether it’s the avoidance of, or a deliberate shape created to signify the feeling – we are all wondering what is to become. I believe we are one with the earth. And right now, we are mirroring one another. Just as the earth is working hard to undo all that’s been done, and strive for a balanced future – I feel we are doing the same. Some more openly than others.

Desperation is in the air. Many are desperate to make sense of the world, God and themselves. They are hoping to find love, yet unable to allow themselves to experience it. They want balance yet refrain from holding still. To me the world is like that of standing on a tree-lined road on a late autumn day when the winds are working hard to usher in winter. I’m standing in the middle while leaves and debris encircle me. I can’t find balance by looking into the wind. I find it by going within. And when I reveal through my words, I do so not with deliberate action, I do so like water bouncing down a river bed. Unplanned, but with purpose. I do not write outlines for my books. I do not outline my life. My canvas is large and colored wildly. And within those colors there will be those that display my awareness of how unstable things have become. But alongside that murky hue will be a color of hope. A color that shows that within even a raging windstorm, there is peace.



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