Standing In Line

Like many, I found myself standing in line yesterday. Granted, I stood behind a rather manly looking woman wearing a t-shirt that read: Got bacon? But just the same, there I was, like everyone else waiting to vote.

I refuse to vote upon anything that I have not carefully studied. And as I’ve been engrossed in getting out two books, I haven’t had time for much else. Due to such I was in and out rather quickly. However, while waiting my turn, I thought about the process; extending our efforts in an attempt to cause change. I can’t help but to question the efficacy of the process and the end result achieved. With something of this magnitude, I feel it will take more than picking and choosing new players every few years. Because the players, whether I feel they have the best interest of the people at heart or not, are all carrying out their work on what is a broken system.  I say this not out of cynicism. It’s not a matter of being a naysayer. It’s that, when I view the establishment, the business that is our government, I can not see how success, on a whole, is an option.

Sadly, I feel our political system, this entity that dictates so much, is a house divided against itself. And unfortunately, we as a nation often mirror the division. Or worse, we are the division. I do not feel anything that is divided against itself will produce a good outcome. So for the time being, our efforts are much like that of painting a house one color, some painting it a different color, all the while bickering about the color yet never stopping to first repair the house that is crumbling.

I ran a business, a successful one at that, for quite some time. And most business owners know the success of the business rests on its structural integrity; its foundation needs to be healthy. Even with a steady flow of customers, buyers, and clients; if the organization isn’t being run well, its death is imminent.

We are all touched by this entity that in many ways, other than casting a vote, we personally can’t touch, mold or reshape to the extent that we’d like. I am open to most views. More so I feel all views are valid. As a writer, objectivity is the cornerstone of my being. I feel to cement my viewpoint would harden me in one position, when it is essential that I leave myself flexible and open. So at this point in my life, this is where I must remain.

I realize that quite a few believe their man will save the day. I don’t believe it to be so. I do not think it is possible for anyone, regardless of their interests, to mend a home while said home is falling apart. A new foundation needs to be established if this great house of ours is to rise again. A foundation that is built carefully. It will always be a delicate thing, having something touch upon our lives, while refraining from touching upon our freedoms.

If you are mourning a loss, my sympathies go out to you. If you are rejoicing, then congratulations. In my lifetime, I might see the foundation of this country lifted, excavated and rebuilt. If so, I hope instead of fighting, we all come running – together. For the sake of those who are here now, and those who will come after us.


Listening to We Come Running – Youngblood Hawke


2 thoughts on “Standing In Line

  1. Rebecca

    So true, Samantha.I agree about the foundation. Unless our foundation changes we aren’t going anywhere. I’m not sure what the answer is. I feel good about voting. I always do but I wonder if it made a difference. You might be interested in my post from yesterday and
    today. It’s along the same lines.


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