With Feet Up High


Even within a group holding differing beliefs, there is a hovering consciousness of the potential reality of life’s lessons. As much as I would like to believe the lessons diminish as we reach new enlightened heights. I believe the opposite to be true. However, the lessons shift. As we work toward a new degree within ourselves, the study material changes dramatically, and so do our view points.

I’ve failed often. But never more than when I am reaching the hardest and furthest to advance the person I know I am meant to be. With every plateau reached, a new horizon awaits. And on that echelon are new ideas, questions and possibilities. When we pull back another layer within our soul, a new session of discovery begins. With every pull, we stand upon a new, higher peak within ourselves.

There are times, right now in fact, when I hope some of the things before me are not for the sake of another lesson – hard learned. Instead, I would like to think I am allowed a recess. A moment when I can play. I believe such a reprieve, a moment of fun is just as important as the moments of introspective discovery. Both are necessary. The taste buds need a bit of cake. The mind needs to smile. The body needs to dance. If not for moments of fun, my eyes would hold only the struggle inherent to inner growth. God never intended for life not be fun. If so, we would not have the ability to laugh. And laughing would not help our cells to heal. Laughing heals the soul equally to that of the physical body.

I am as complex as I am simple. It takes a keen eye to see that when looking upon me. I’ve had my share of hits in this life. And of course, I spin them into my novels, stories or posts. Seeing my challenges, you feel less alone in yours. But I know, these hits only happen because I am climbing. One doesn’t fall when sitting. Sitting is safe. But it is also stagnant. And nothing within me is stagnant. I am at my most discontent when stifled and unmoving. I think most of us are.

Standing on the precipice that I have finally reached, I cast a long hard glance across the vista before me. I see things that make me cry. I see things that make me smile. I see the beauty in most things. I see it in most people. My struggles are great. The weight on my shoulders is often overwhelming. But I also see a glimmer in the distance. A swing swaying in the sun, waiting for me to take my seat and push-off. Leaning my head back, I look upward and allow myself this gentle moment of folly. Knowing, folly is the medicine I most need to balance out my ardent journey. Laughter is a breath of fresh air on a sweltering day to a tired soul.

If only I could play while learning; while pulling myself upward. I won’t limit God. So, I won’t limit that one day, I will stand upon a new place where the two have become one.


Written to: From Yesterday – 30 Seconds to Mars


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