An Untethered Flight

Mankind, from what historians have discovered, has always used a substance to alter the mind. From man’s earliest days this altered state was used as an avenue in which to connect to a larger entity. Call it God. Call it Mother Earth. Call it what you will.

It’s interesting to me that humans have always had an innate pull toward something beyond their understanding; a source beyond themselves. The mind often sabotages the path to this larger entity. Hence the use of a substance to help quiet one’s ever-busy, every-chattering stream of thoughts.

The voice in our head can quite easily overtake us, if allowed. Not only is it incessant, it’s often quite cruel. If we are fortunate it voices equally as loud words of encouragement and faith, as it does words of fear and doubt. But for most, it shouts the latter and whispers the first.

I feel this pull to reconnect with the part of us that is not housed within our cells is much like the pull a seed feels as it grows upward from the ground. The seed does not question its desire to reach open territory and sunlight – it just knows it must if it is to survive. There is something within us that knows the same. But like rocks scattered tightly upon the surface of the ground, our thoughts make it difficult for the seed of the soul to make its way to fresh air.

The mind is a fabulous mechanism. Extraordinary really. But if not harnessed, it has the power to pull us away instead of pull us toward that which we are meant to be and experience. To be complete, the soul must connect with the larger part of itself; or so I believe. But sadly, the voice in our head often has a rough edge. It’s words are sharp. And even though its opinions are camouflaged in a tone of familiarity, it is often more debilitating than one’s most vicious foe. It takes a wise person to discern the words and voice of one’s soul from that of one’s mind. More so, it takes an understanding to realize that the mind is not the enemy. It’s merely evolving at the rate we allow it to evolve. It’s simply speaking from a place of past defeats, fears and insecurities – all in an effort to protect. But one won’t ever take flight if they choose to stay tethered to what has been.

Because the pull is great to connect with that not held captive inside, mankind has used whatever means possible to bring about that reunion. For some this means meditation. My best meditation is an active mediation. My mind lightens when running. But for many, this lightening of the mind happens with the help of something more. Wine tends to soften the mind in the most wonderful way. But man has used numerous methods over his many years on this planet. And there’s a reason. From the moment man had a mind, he had thoughts that needed to be harnessed, softened and set aside if he was to reconnect to the larger part of himself. And so it goes.

Perhaps this weekend, we can all sit in silence or with a glass of red and close our eyes; allowing our dreams to speak freely in our mind; silencing the monotonous voice to which we so often listen. A dream is the pull that ushers the seed from the ground. It is not a frivolous construct. It is the soul speaking, telling us its purpose.

Reconnect and dream untethered. And I will do the same.



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