Necessary Storms

It is my belief that change is often forced upon us when we’re not fulfilling the life intended. When living a life that does not honor who we are, inertia sets in. But this seemingly stagnant pause is not a failing on the part of God to rescue us. I feel it’s God giving us time to do what needs to be done. And when we don’t, and our soul’s desire is strong enough, fate steps in.

I have both upheaved my life and been caught in stupefying suspension – waiting; all the while knowing the life I was living was not the life intended.

Although this belief is only that of my own, I feel it extends beyond that of me. As I carefully watch the lives of so many, I am shown again and again that radical change is thrust upon us if we do not thrust it upon ourselves.

The caveat being that, like with most things, when we captain our own ship, turning the wheel and adjusting the sails under our own authority, we are in control. But often, even when we recognize adjustments are needed, we forfeit our life and fall into silent resignation. Perhaps, doing this for the good of another. Or so we say. But the God that gave us this opportunity to explore life, did so not wanting the life that was given to be devalued, but claimed. And when we don’t, Providence enters in and begins thrashing around circumstances like a violent ocean storm. Had we been the one in charge we could’ve looked ahead and veered around the storm. But having declined, we are often driven directly into the storm’s eye. Life, then swirls around us at incredible and painful speeds.

But if we can detach the emotional strings that bind us to the moment, we almost always look back and see that the storm was needed to toss aside that which did not serve us, and usher in that which does. When battered its difficult to see any good in the moment. And yet, almost always, there is something to be gained that can only be gained by way of such a tumultuous change.

One of my deeply rooted truths is that, more often than not, what we need to see is only discovered by changing our position. Our life’s love, our life’s purpose, a multitude of awe-inspiring opportunities await us on the horizon. But sometimes either we need to be moved or mountains need to be moved, for that horizon to come into view.

We often tether ourselves not just to the past, but to the very things that prevent us from ever grasping what our soul wants most to be, do and have.

I’ve had some incredible storms in my life. And yet, all of them have been necessary to bring me to where I’m at today, with the knowledge and knowing I have. The person I am is built upon a lifetime of hurricanes. But now, when I can, I grab the wheel, and I adjust my sails. And in this, Providence  merely motions to what it wants me to see on the horizon, instead of capsizing the boat.

Change is necessary. Like seasons, it’s needed to bring about a fully expressed life. In the face of heartbreaking change it is near impossible to see promise. And yet, change is almost always the harbinger of a better horizon coming into focus.


The Killers – All These Things That I’ve Done


4 thoughts on “Necessary Storms

      1. iamforchange

        Thank you for the inspiration and the poem… It is your turn as it is mine. You express yourself in a way and are in the same place it seems as me it is encouraging and heart felt that you share as you do.

  1. RebeccaRebecca

    How true. I just wrote almost this very thing in my post “thankfulness/y”. I challenged myself to be thankful for one thing (using alphabet in order) every day in November. “Y” was being thankful for “yesterdays” by coming to terms with them. Isn’t it great when life “syncs” so beautifully. God bless.


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