By Definition

The Colors of Claude Monet by Licht

To those who don’t yet know, let not one more day pass wherein you aren’t the sole wordsmith that defines who you are. This is something about which I’m quite passionate. Determine your value, and set the bar high. And define yourself with the words of your choosing.

For many of us, our earliest memories are one’s in which we listened while others defined not just the world around us but us, as well. And as we moved ahead, we carried their definitions tucked under our arm like a Webster’s Dictionary. Misguidedly, we looked outward within those pages to find meaning.

We and we alone know the truths that rest inside our heart, mind and soul. Everything else is someone’s perception. Perception changes with the wind. And when we let those perceptions define us, we too are made to shift. One day we are good. The next we are not. Their perception means nothing. What we think of ourselves, means everything.

I determine who I am. I determine how I should be treated. When I allow myself to be treated poorly, I am lowering the bar on myself. We do that sometimes, guided by the best of intentions. And yet, any time someone requires of us to become less than, to be treated as less than the divinely beautiful person we are, we need to step away. But it is our hand that rests on the bar. We and we alone decide when to lift it a notch or send it falling to the floor.

Quite some time ago I decided that I would live by no other labels than the one’s I chose myself. And when I am wise, I choose none. As I change due to my own growth, the only label that would even fit is: Ever-changing. Once I had a spiritual woman tell me of a vision she had of me. Her vision is the closest at defining who I am. It was of me, as a willow tree. My trunk strong, steadfast and grounded deep; all the while my branches flowed wildly in the wind. There is nothing more sublime than reaching outward toward new heights, while knowing one’s center is grounded deep. Because her descriptor resonated with me, I have chosen to keep it. My choice. And its highly accurate.

If ever in a situation wherein you feel in your being that you deserve better, listen. Chances are, that soft voice is speaking a greater truth than you could possibly know using your mind alone. There is a vast difference between the ego clamoring to satiate its appetite for attention and that of valuing one’s self. The one is an outward expression, the other is inward.

I give my best and expect the same in return. Is this a hard stance – yes it is. But only because I value who I am. I keep myself in check, auditing my actions, thoughts and feelings often. But never, do I let someone pen the definition of me. Part of my journey, is to urge you to do the same.


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7 thoughts on “By Definition

  1. iamforchange

    Love your post, it resonates in my heart and I myself have been challenged to my inner truth and morality. Aligning our centers with that of doing good and being who we truly are within changes that without. The picture is absolutely Gorgeous and one I shall hope to see and cherish in nature as I travel on my path. Thank you for sharing your truth and your heart.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are quite welcome. It is my work to strike a chord. Some feel it. Some do not. I am glad, it resonated within you. Best on your travels. And may you see that magnificent tree ~ S.

  2. Wandering Voiceless

    Well said. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately… specifically how my mother has (tried to) define who I am… and it’s not pretty. I rebel. She labels me a spoiled brat. Even in my mid-forties, I struggle against this backdrop.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.


    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      The words of others, their perception of us, is such a hard reality to shake. But it is their reality. If possible, it it best to keep it that way, and create our own. It is nice to see you again WV. I wish you well ~ S.


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