Intellectual Symmetry

I’ll be damned. I just discovered I’m a sapiosexual.

Sapiosexual/Sapiosexuality (sā-pē-ō-sĕk-shü-ăl’ĭ-tē). A behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use. Origins: From the Latin root sapien, wise or intelligent, and Latin sexualis, relating to the sexes.

Had I known this core truth about myself years ago, it would’ve saved me two failed marriages; not to mention, a few misaligned hook-ups. But as things go, it takes time to discover something of this magnitude. I believe in the power of contrast. I feel it is why our world is so vast in nature. To develop a true understanding of one’s inclinations, desires and dreams, one has to be given a chance to sample the buffet that is offered in this world. Unfortunately, this sampling doesn’t happen quickly, or in a benign manner with plate in hand, ambling along a long table of life’s choices. Usually we find ourselves bound by a contract to someone we are quite certain is the anti-Christ or at least a first cousin thereof, and seated in a job that sucks the very marrow from our bones.

Once the realization is made however, it is up to us to choose differently – next time. Steering ourselves away from what we know we don’t want, and toward that which we feel we do. Even then, more tweaking might become necessary. Life isn’t black and white. Our choices are made out of many.  Even within the field of “getting warmer,” honing of our desires is vital. Not to find perfection. But to find true symbiotic harmony.

Romantically speaking, I refuse to sit across from a man whom I do not find intellectually stimulating. And as much as it may seem unnecessary to possess such an attribute for a simple romp in the hay – it still is for me. Where I’m concerned, foreplay isn’t simply the bandying about of sensual words. No. To me, nothing is more enticing than listening to a man share his intelligence. Not with false bravado and a look-at-me persona, but simply possessing profound knowledge within his field. A man who is good at his craft is an attractive thing. We are all artists, if what we do, we do well and with skill. I am not concerned about his profits. On the other hand, I do have great concern for his integrity, enlightenment and keen intellect.

Not all women are sapiosexuals; for that I’m glad. Let the others glean out the one’s with six-pack abs. A healthy fit body, yes. But one that is carefully carved – not necessary. The only way to open the floodgates of my passions and my body is through my mind. Which admittedly, is a bit impervious. However, such a feat is highly possible; providing one is clever enough to Spiderman their way up the wall.

As we age, it seems the majority fall into one of two categories: the earnest pursuit to fill a void by stuffing it with sexual pursuits or finding intellectual symmetry with another. I am tempted to rule one as better than the other, but who am I to say. Each of us is on a journey. And the journey should not be judged. With that said, I am pleased that I will no longer accept a copilot who doesn’t also see a similar horizon and the same peculiarities along life’s path. He’s out there, this person. Most likely with his nose buried in the map.



24 thoughts on “Intellectual Symmetry

  1. laugraeva

    “The only way to open the floodgates of my passions and my body is through my mind.” – I am exactly the same.

      1. laugraeva

        Maybe create a support group? Of course, the group cannot consist of too many intellectually stimulating people, or we would just be worsening the problem.

      2. SaneSamantha Post author

        True, and booze would only exacerbate the problem…We must choose our refreshments very carefully… Coffee, straight up with carrot sticks. That sound non enticing enough. No bananas, popsicles or wine. 🙂

      3. laugraeva

        Fair point. Or, instead of a support group, we completely flip it and create a dating group for fellow sapiosexuals? Could be a money-making master plan?

      1. iamforchange

        I am sure you are… However I am not there yet anyway… Here would be subjective to where I am versus you being where you are.. I suppose It would have been better or wiser to say if you where only here with me my Dear Lady. A beautiful conversation could occur and perhaps you sharing your intellect would improve mine as well as my writing. Even inspiring me to seek and accept the challenge of winning your heart and body through your Gorgeous mind…

      2. iamforchange

        A flirt of a thousand miles and modesty in return… You are Gorgeous. My grammar is most definitely lacking. Thank you for the BIG Smile. I look forward to your posts.

  2. suggestivetongue

    This is why the concept of casual sex takes on a different note in my world. I could never just meet someone and be aroused by them. It’s the getting to know someone, being stimulated by conversation, by whatever they’re passionate about. Hearing how they articulate themselves. It’s very sexy.


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