Baltimore Via Albuquerque

As many of you know, I have two psychics within arms reach. With that in mind it’s easy to make the assumption that I use their words for plotting out my life; much like one would use Google maps. I don’t.

In fact, I would caution anyone that tried to do so. Awhile back I was having lunch with someone, and they asked why it is I occasionally visit these psychics. Although they said my answer didn’t matter, I think it did. People often misconstrue psychics and those who interact with them. There is a stigma that hovers over the topic, as well as a bucket load of skepticism. All I can say to either of those two issues is to seek out your own answers. I have mine.

I can only speak in regard to that which I’ve been exposed when it comes to dealing with psychic information. In answering my friend’s question, I shared that there have been moments in my life when no one could even begin to offer me guidance, comfort or understanding. I stood quite alone during some very harrowing times. These two individuals shared with me the information given them, and that information allowed me to breathe. As it turned out, they were both right, independently of one another. In this respect, their words were a God send.

On the other side of the coin, as much as this type of information can be helpful, it can be detrimental. And a good psychic, will tell you as much. Furthermore, they will even state that there are things that will not be revealed to them. Too much information can hinder a person. If one discovers that they are to end up living happily on the east coast. They will flounder and possibly refrain from moving to the desert southwest. But little do they know their fated way to the east coast was via the southwest.

If the information given interferes with one’s ability to freely make decisions, then they are misusing this information. I should interject that it takes a very resolute and purposeful person for these little morsels of information not to cause one to flounder. The last thing we humans want to do is to move in the wrong direction. Often we don’t move at all simply out of fear of going right when we should’ve gone left. So when something is disclosed, and thus interpreted by the mind, we tend to misread what’s being said and shape our decisions around the information. If a psychic were to tell you that on a rainy day you will be winning millions in the lottery, it would change how you viewed a sunny day. And if they told you that you were to become a great professor it would be hard then to follow your dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. Again, not knowing that through being a neurosurgeon you will become a professor. The construct of our mind is always limited to the rate of what we’ve experienced thus far. Yet our future reality is never limited.

There is a difference between muddying the water in one’s life, and simply being told that despite appearances one will remain afloat; yes there is a storm through which you’ll travel, but you’ll make it, and the crew won’t starve. Sometimes it helps immensely to know that one will indeed reach dry land. This type of information, and the method by which it is received, isn’t for everyone. Like a television show, if it isn’t to your liking simply turn to something that is. But if you do visit a psychic that is authentic in their gift, do it with a bit of caution and understanding. Because you don’t want anything causing you to second guess the way you position your sails. The Universe has factored in the supposed wrong turns you will make upon your path, as much as it has factored in your days of smooth sailing. The Universe, God and Fate has planned on you doing both.



10 thoughts on “Baltimore Via Albuquerque

  1. Clark Kent

    I to had a spirit guide that gave me my paths but only shared some of the information, as I went one direction it split into another direction and then I was faced with a road that I didn’t know coming. This spirit guide only appeared when I had paths before me I didn’t or couldn’t see. I am not sure who it was or why it was! Sometimes when we can’t hear ourselves someone comes along to help us hear what we have inside of us to help us see past the fog! Great post my friend!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I agree. And sometimes that “someone” speaks through a song, a piece of writing, or even a stranger; the ways are limitless. Of course, because so is its source. Thank you CK ~ S.

  2. iamforchange

    It seems that society and many individuals view the occult with suspicion and some consider it evil. There are many mediums of divination through out the course of time most destroyed in reputation and in whole by religion. I am taken with your courage and sense of self to inquire of the universe and in such a way. Strength and Beauty is a great gift, thank you for sharing such an enlightening post. I am partial to the “Book of Changes” my self.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I am, if anything, a courageous adventurer. My discoveries will are not made upon the well trodden road. I believe this to be true for all of us though. Ah yes, the I Ching, I have heard of it but not yet read it myself. Thank you ~ S.

  3. Blake

    With all due respect, the information the two psychics shared with you was never, and will absolutely never be, a “God Send.” In the Bible, God told Moses, “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them.” (Lev 19:31). In all honesty, I’ve never been a big fan of the Old Testament (Laws); I’ve favored the New Testament (Grace), but seeking the opinion of the dead to curry favor, satisfy our curiosity or answer questions for the living never made any sense to me. The evil spirits sometimes bask in toying with and twisting your soul…resist the temptation.


  4. Wandering Voiceless

    As always, well said. I would also offer this: It seems rather narrow minded to presume that all souls of the dearly departed are evil. Just as when they are alive, some are bad and some are good. We don’t avoid the good in order to avoid the bad. Each must be judged individually as they are encountered. :>

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I agree. Strangely enough, my perspective of the spirit world is a bit different than it is for some. I feel that my soul is connected not only to the larger part of myself but that it is also connected to all souls and all that is. We are all one, on this higher level. Thank you WV. And I’m pleased you enjoyed the post 🙂 ~ S.


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