When the Soul Speaks

As a writer I would rather touch only a handful of people with my raw words than a million who digest them quickly, easily and without pause. Yes, the one way lends itself better for financial gain. But that was a risk I took when I allowed my soul to speak.

Nonetheless, there is no wrong way to write, in my opinion. We writers are merely expressing ourselves in a multitude of different ways and for about the same amount of reasons. Some styles appeal to me, some do not. I won’t render any of them as better or less than. All are worthy. Some people get caught up in the placement of a comma, or the placement of a participle. Some people get caught up in what other’s think. Some get caught up in academic training. I find all of that to be a shade off of what’s truly important. But then again, many people get caught up on the theoretical guidelines of life, and in the process – forget to live.

Well, dear reader please know that I write like I live. I strive less for perfection and more for expression. I give more credence to how I feel than the laws that try to govern my existence. I commune daily with God, yet refrain from religion. My writing is distinct and raw. And when speaking, I speak the truth or say nothing at all. You must understand, this means there are times when I am awfully, awfully quiet. Lastly, although I can’t imagine attempting to control or hurt anyone, I’m brutally aware that the attempt to do so is widespread and often done in the most unassuming of ways. And I often touch upon that awareness within my writing.

Things are beginning to shift in the world; evidenced by the different ways we are choosing to express ourselves. Many are beginning to see the connection between the body, mind and soul. More so, they are beginning to realize that the connection is necessary to a healthy life. The soul when mixed with the mind, loves to express itself. Hence art becoming more and more diversified; music growing exponentially in its differing forms; and the profound number of books being published every day.

There are those that still try to pigeon-hole these different forms of expression; rendering one acceptable and the other not. When money is involved, things get a bit stifled and unpleasant. The powers that be look for more of what made money in the past, hoping that history will repeat itself until stumbling haphazardly onto something new; then it becomes history’s new marker. So if you are a writer, artist or musician struggling to secure the acceptance and financial backing from the powers that be – please know it may have little to do with you and a great deal to do with the fact that they don’t know how to ensure making a profit from your work.

To me the writer with a book on the NY Times Bestseller list is no better than the one that has used the last of their money to secure a booth at a Book Fair where they hope to peddle their wares. One just managed to get drop kicked out of obscurity, the other did not.

So as your soul and mind create, remember that you are doing what you are meant to do. Whether you are acknowledged by many or acknowledged by few. But keep creating. Never question the purpose or beauty of your craft. It became worthy by the simple act of you doing it.

Dearest dearest reader, be sure to dance without a care for conformity; write without a care for judgement; and sing without worrying if the sound will please others. Because these things that we do, we do because we must. The soul needs to speak, and it does so in the most unique and diverse of ways. Let no one judge your way.



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