From a Different Angle

If there is any trick to life, I believe it is in the power of perception. Even if at first we do not believe it to be so, we choose how we perceive. Upon everything that we view, we form a unique perception and subsequent inner feeling. This chain reaction is more under our control than we realize.

Imagine if when young we were told that life is like a canvas; paint on it what you wish, how you wish and when. Then look upon it from many angles, shifting your eye, shifting the light. Yes, we may paint characters upon it that begin to take on a life of their own. But again, it is up to us to pick up the brush and cast a different hue upon such things or smudge gently with a rag – exposing it, coloring it, allowing us to see it in a different way.

I have a friend who revealed a few things to me. His words course through my soul, and without fail, my spirit pushes to speak. When I do my perception throws a different shadow across his canvas; one that prompts this person to take a second look.

I too had someone change my perception of something that was revealed to me; something that made me cringe once my ears registered the words. Although what was said will make little sense to you, dear reader, it made perfect sense to me. She said, “Better to know your snakes.” As odd as that may sound, instantaneously I viewed what vexed me differently. There will always be things that crawl upon our canvas and into our life. Some we place there with the best of intentions, out of naivety or haphazardly. Some make their way there all of their own accord. Either way it is for us to remember that it is our canvas, and ultimately it is us who controls what we see.

Some of the most valuable words one can hear are the ones that remind us that we have a choice as to our perception of life. We can merely observe, as if detached – always operating in a reactionary state. Or we can choose to view things in a manner that serves us. Does one allow themselves to be passively overrun by the snake, or do they stand with hoe in hand once they’ve recognized the snakes pathway? And if tossing aside the snake isn’t possible, then surely rerouting it is. Its our canvas, our life. It is so easy to forget that. Instead we get caught up in the act of solely responding. Granted not everyone would take my approach but I will say this, if I put the snake there or allowed for it to slither in, I sure as Hell have the power to see it for what it is, and remove it if I so choose.

When someone spits bitter words our way, we have the choice to absorb them as a truth or see them for what they are – someone’s inner feelings about themselves turned outward and vocalized. When life spins us in a different direction, we have the choice to collapse, or consider that this new place just happens to be the location of new beginnings. And when we view ourselves as less than, we have the choice to accept that as our new truth or see ourselves in a better light. One might perceive that only sunny skies make for a good day. Yet, often it is due to a slight overcast that we are able to see the flowers more clearly. It’s all a matter of perception. So think carefully how you are looking at things. As you may need to view from a different direction.


6 thoughts on “From a Different Angle

  1. The Bangali Angle

    nicely written… I recently read the book Conversation with God by Donald Walch…. He too said the same thing along your terms.. Humans have the power of choice.. an what they choose is what they want to be or what they are in life…. Its the choices that shapes a self… 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I do nothing but follow my words, my friend. Although far from a teacher myself, I do feel the best to learn from are those who teach through experience. My words are always an outpouring of what I know, be and do. Thank ‘you’ for the sweet words, CK. ~ S.


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