Total Darkness

There’s something about the darkness that soothes me. It always has. As a teenager I use to wonder if this meant something sinister about myself. Quite the opposite, I’ve discovered. I tend to find God in all things. And there is a layer of life, a peculiar energy, that comes to the forefront when darkness falls.

So it is for that reason that I don’t mind the approaching winter solstice. As much as I struggle from the cold, I’m not saddened that the colors surrounding me have shifted from a multitude of tones to only that of a few hues. Due to such, my eye is no longer distracted by nature in full bloom. Instead, this life-giving force, now rests under a thin blanket of snow.

Nature is made surprisingly beautiful when striking simplicity has been thrust upon it. Shapes that otherwise go unnoticed are now made visible due to the curves of snowflakes strewn across its surface. Trees no longer beg for attention, with leaves that shimmer in the sun. For a moment, the earth displays its minimalist touch.

If I were to guess, I would say that it is during this time of simplicity that nature is standing quiet – in meditation. It’s energies drawn inward. It’s thoughts no longer preoccupied by the needs of that which surrounds it.

Lately I’ve been sinking deeper into my own time of meditation. Maybe as the cycle of nature is shifting, so am I. It seems both of us need time to tap into something deeper; the light within. Within this dormancy is birthed all that is needed to propel us both forward into the new year. Like nature, I need to replenish and touch upon something deeper if I am to bring about the better part of myself.

So as I look out my expansive window and see only darkness, I smile. Because in this moment, that is exactly what I want to see.


Mumford & Sons – Lover Of The Light


4 thoughts on “Total Darkness

  1. Blake

    I have also loved the simplicity of a northern winter; to see clear through to the back what was once hidden, nothing obscuring the view or creating a question of what we might see. Beautifully written – thank you.



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