And Then Fate Shifts

I believe life is a series of choices – some decided upon in the ethereal, some in the physical. Commingled, these choices are what I call Fate. I do not feel that I play a passive position when it comes to the working’s of Fate. If anything, I believe it is a marriage of the best kind. The marriage of my soul with that of my higher self.

Throughout my life I’ve been reminded how precarious life can be. How we need to live in the moment that is now, and not in the moment that is – then. And please know the then of which I speak includes what has been as much as it includes what will be.

We are continually stepping into and through the outcome of these choices, never quite realizing it at the time. These inner workings are often invisible to us. Awareness however, has a way of taking what was once invisible and making it strikingly visible.

My parents used to live by the saying: Someday. They believed their best life was to be lived one day in the future. They never did get to that day. In my deepest being I know that as long as they professed such a thing, such a thing would exist; keeping their happiness a dangled carrot away. When I cast my mind’s eye toward my future, I shape it to my choosing. But I also work to shape my now in the same way. There are things for which I can not change. In that, I could choose to believe that I am powerless, and look outward to that point in the future called someday. But instead, my power is in my ability to control how I feel – now. I may not like what I see. But within it, I can ask for it to be a blessed moment, and one that allows me to choose to be the best version of who I am. Anyone can be their best during times of laughter and smiles. But it is in tragedy that the decision becomes palpable.

The other day a beautiful lady of eighty-six full years that made her a widow twice, and a mother of a son that ended his life, collided into my Jeep as I powered down the highway. Instead of hitting me in my driver’s side door, a blip in time allowed the impact to shift. I walked away unscathed. When she emerged from her car, devastation painted her face. In that moment I was given a choice. And in that moment I chose to be love. With that, I wrapped my arms around her. I held her hand as we talked, and waited for the police. She told me about her life; her worries about the world. And I listened.

Within every moment, we are given many choices. Often, along with the choice comes the question: Who do I want to be in this moment? It’s a choice. It’s always a choice. I’d rather not wait for some day. Within the moment of my existence that is, and will always be, now – I work to choose wisely. I have little concern for conditions, protocol and limitations that require that I refrain from living fully in the moment. Because, quite honestly, all I have is now. All we ever have is now. If you love someone, tell them now. If you have a dream, now is the time to step into it. Take the beauty that rests within you, right now, and set it free. Some day is an imaginary place. But if it does exist, it’s still too far away.



14 thoughts on “And Then Fate Shifts

  1. Clark Kent

    You purposely made this post to make me fall in love with you Sane… Shame on you in this moment, for this post was making love to me with each word. Not someday.. But NOW! 😉

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Aren’t you wonderful! I’ll have you know that I already had my MacBook slammed shut for the night. But upon reading your post on my phone, I was driven to flip the lid open again. The power you have – yield it carefully bold man! Scratch that – yield it with wild abandon, my friend. Live full ~ S.

      1. Clark Kent

        Awe…. (((((blushing))))) You are truly amazing and magnificent. The light is shinning brightly on you and will encompass you in slumber. You will see.. Your aura is shinning so bright I can see it from here! Goodnight my friend!

      2. SaneSamantha Post author

        Thank you, and I did sleep well. I hope the color of my aura is a good one. Of that, you will have to enlighten me. I only know that I am at peace ~ S.

      3. Clark Kent

        It is a very pretty shade of blue.. you see color streams are of mood. Your mood in writing this was perfect in color it stated oneness! Auras have different meanings around the globe but how ones air consumes in love determines it’s color! Do you understand?

      4. SaneSamantha Post author

        Hmm…you had me right up until,…how ones air consumes in love… Do explain! Please. I’m very interested. And I’m also very happy to know that my aura (at that time) was a very pretty shade of blue. I do have a great feeling of oneness within me. Even when I am off balance a bit, I still am quite connected – just merely battling myself ~ S.

  2. Clark Kent

    When you are truly present you know you are breathing and you blend in with all that is around you. Everything comes to life and in that moment you take inside yourself without any thought. You become one with love as it inhales and exhales the air in breathing from being! It happens as long as you are aware of knowing everything around you is now and it is alive in alignment with love! Clear your mind again and flow in sync with it! It suits you favorably! 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I would have to imagine it came from your oneness as well 😉 Thank you for your words. I am quite conscious of my alignment. I hope I’m as aligned as I feel myself to be. But then again, I would feel it if I weren’t! Ha. The magic of it all. And what am I know? Blue, fuchsia…tell me, tell me 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I am doing that very thing. And when I am at a loss, which I am at the moment over something quite vexing, I ask that the situation be blessed. I must “believe,” in the process doing my best to “leave” it “be”. Not always easy to do. But I try. You have been delightful – as always ~ S.

  3. Clark Kent

    Oh thank you my friend! I can only say this to you about what is vexing you at this moment. Can you see it from the angles of love you pointed to here? Is it a deep lesson concealed within love that is not seen from the eyes of the mind, but the eyes of the soul in this moment? As you leave it be, realize it does change without the labels your mind will give you about it. You have more impact changing it with the love you can express in the view you place no longer in it. Your love has many expressive places inside you that are able to create space for that love to consume it to doom it, not vex it to repeat it! 😉


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