One Christmas when I was young, my mother told me we weren’t getting anything for Christmas. The explanation was that the money needed simply wasn’t there to allow for gifts. My young heart sank. I tried not to care. I didn’t want to be selfish. But I cried.

When Christmas morning arrived there were gifts piled below the tree. Oddly enough, my mother felt her words would, in the end, create a better surprise. Even before I knew of the importance of contrast, apparently it was being shown to me. Because heaven knows, the sight of those gifts filled me with ten times the joy considering I had anticipated none.

I believe regardless of one knowing of their spiritual journey, they are on one just the same. During which, life is constantly in the process of presenting magical moments in time; opportunities for our evolvement. Our thoughts in these moments have a profound impact; far more than most take the time to consider. Contrast provides the scope of our reality, our decisions provide the direction our life will take. Like a chemistry experiment wherein two fundamental elements must be present to provide the necessary catalyst – these two components, contrast and choice, should never go without our notice.

For there to be the sublime, the opposite must also exist. How could it not? Within that broad scope it is up to us to choose our direction. The mind is much like that of a machine that can conjure vile imagery or rehash painful memories. But once reconditioned, once a new rut and comfortable norm has been established, the mind will easily dwell upon something else. It is up to us to choose the rut. And life being life, it’s never at a loss to provide opportunities by which to create the new rut.

There is magic hovering in the moments within certain decisions. As if the heavens are holding their breath, awaiting our response. And with each held breath, the hope is that this time we choose to move in a better direction. Some never do. But some, sense the magic that lives in that space. We are always working hand in hand with Fate. The wheels of life can and do turn in many directions. But in that magical moment rests the opportunity to choose the direction that is based in love or prompted by fear.

It is a breathtaking feeling, when we choose from a place of love; where fear is only the contrast that indicates that which is not, and not that which is. Like a line on a thermometer, it is there to indicate what rests at the other end – and nothing more. I don’t damn the contrast. To be quite honest, I’ve blessed the contrast from my past – as painful as much of it was. Those moment forced me to establish what rests at the opposite end of that which serves me. Most all of my deepest, most beautiful desires were formed from experiencing contrast that did not serve me. It had to happen that way. How would I have known, had it not been experienced?

But now I savor the magic. Those crystalline moments in the ethereal where I know I am working hand in hand with Fate. Because those moments are gifts, opportunities for me to step further into my better self.

Life is magical, and we the magicians.



4 thoughts on “Magicians

  1. justmytaketoo

    This was a topic of much debate when I was completing my yoga teacher training. Love the darkness, for without it, there is no light. It’s a tough truth for many to digest.

    It’s equally daunting to take the path of love and forgiveness, when friends and family only want to see me exacting revenge. It’s been a new journey for me and one of profound healing.

    Thank you for expressing it so beautifully!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I agree – it can be daunting, can’t it? But it feels right – the path of love and forgiveness. But before I can love or forgive another, I have to first fully do so with myself. And that has been the most daunting task of all. But a necessary one for my journey. I hope my words help to heal others. As I too am healing. Thank you for your kind words. And enjoy the journey ~ S.


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