The Subliminal Life

So here we are – the dawn of a new year sitting within our reach – the memory of the year that still is, sitting on the precipice of being only that of a memory. It is in these pivotal moments where I feel quite at ease.

For the most part the awareness that sweeps over all during times like these, is the awareness I feel with each passing day. With every breath we create a new memory. With every blink of the eye we let go and create what is now the past. If I could, I would firmly stand in the ethereal place that rests where the notion of time is seen for what it is.

Many are pondering the year ahead, hoping for better things; some willing themselves to become the manifestation of the vision that rests in their mind. The reality is – we are the constant that lives within this illusionary state of reaching toward a time that has yet to arrive. But this gossamer reality is necessary; it allows the feeling of moving along with the cycle of life. I believe, our very soul moves through time.

Regardless of one’s belief, these moments prompt us to reflect and dream; often a personal audit is made; goals are etched into the forefront of the mind, where they are quickly washed away once the cares of everyday life rains over us.

When looking back – have no regrets. No decision was wrong. At the time, it was what was needed. Every experience is integral to one’s journey; even if we don’t understand it at the time or in this lifetime. Every flaw is a nuance misdefined. Every failure, a moment that’s purpose is not yet known.

I have to wonder – how would we behave if we didn’t have the safety blanket of a forever circulating new year in which to create the life we want most to live. If the certainty of tomorrow were to be taken away would we tell those we love how we feel without worry that they would leave us one day. Would we stretch our arms to reach for higher heights knowing that we no longer have decades to make the climb – instead, all we have is today. Would we stop placing our joy into the distance.

I feel, we should all live as if we didn’t have the option for a cycle of new years waiting for us. And then, when the new year arrived, we’d already be living as if there were no tomorrow. We’d look back knowing that with every day, we felt the air that moved through our lungs, we felt the tangibility of words spoken, and within the walls of our mind were etched the smiles given us, the songs to which we’ve dance, and the love that we gave without hesitation. To live in that type of moment, is to live in the now.

If I could, I would surround myself with those I love tonight. And as we all move into the idea of a new year, I would let my smile shine into their eyes. Without pause I would let them know how divine it is that they are with me on this journey that is the human experience. We would dance. We would laugh. We would live deep in the moment that is now.

So, as we all flip the calendar and watch the clock move in circles, signaling the future has arrived; I urge you to hold your children and tell them of your love for them, not for their accomplishments but for who they are. And if you have someone who touches your heart like no one else, perhaps the moment that is now is the moment to tell them of your tender love. Most of all, sit alone and look within. And when you do, love the person you see.

I love you, my dear readers. Please excuse me while I go now, and dance like a gypsy.


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