Look Everywhere



If the human experience is to be likened to that of school, then it is my belief that one does not motor through the grades and levels of academia, all within one lifetime.

It is the cellular memory from hundreds of years of past life experience that forms the journey as a whole. There are those who will not agree with me on this. But I have no inclination to defend my beliefs. The desire to do so was lost along the way; perhaps while attending a different grade.

No one time frame is better or more important than the next. Each one moves at its necessary pace. The one person you may feel compelled to judge for their lack of enlightened understanding, may very well be a soul that knows it needs to experience the polarity found only by traveling such a road. And more importantly, by prompting you to judge, they are teaching you the importance of acceptance – the basis of love. On that note, I can not fault anyone the pace at which they travel, nor the road they have chosen. For that matter, I can not fault me for the choices I’ve made; as each one had relevancy.

The experience of life includes the mingling of these different souls, traveling these different roads. When picking a partner with which to walk, it is probably best to choose one that is in line with one’s journey. However, much is learned by the interactions we have with those at all different grades. There is always something to be learned. There is always something to be gained. The most simplest of persons may very well be the one that teaches the most profound of lessons. In fact, I believe, one of the greatest lessons of all is found in the knowing of this. Never look over, always look within.

Within every situation is an opportunity for enlightenment. Within every person is something of value. Within us, are the answers to all questions.

Our culture emphasizes, and works hard to establish the reality that one person is greater than the other; that one material object has more value than another; that one thought is more credible than the other.

The truth as I know it, is that our culture keeps presenting us with the opportunity and the need to form our own truth – the truth that lies within. If our society, and the reality it shapes, did not present us with this need, would we ever thirst for it? Without having thirst, would we take a drink? Most likely not. One’s level of thirst is not of importance to me, only that there’s thirst.

My truth, the one that sits under my feet as I walk this life of mine; the one that flows through me like energy that could light a thousand souls gone dim, is that within every person is the same being; once the many layers of human frailty have been lifted. The truth is that all objects are simply the mere stuffs of creation, the smallest of which often containing the most beauty. The truth as I know it, is that all thought has meaning; whether to reflect a fear hidden within or to project love. Some of the deepest truths aren’t those buried deep; often they are found floating atop the water’s edge. Look deep. Look everywhere. And keep drinking.


Jimmy Eat World – The Middle (I urge you to listen to the words. Sing them, and sing them loud)


4 thoughts on “Look Everywhere

  1. iamforchange

    A wonderful presentation of your thoughts and inner truth. Thank you for sharing them and your heart in doing so. It is a gift that you share your inner self with all of us revealing the Beautiful you within. Thank you! 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you. What is a heart if not shared. And what good does an inner truth and beauty do, if not shown. I am so blessed that I have those who pause for a moment and look in my direction. Best to you ~ S.

  2. chris nagy

    how true, unforteately i know some one who will look no farther than his knows and never wishes to look anywhere else, these blogs only feed my need to look further with or without that person

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I’m so pleased to hear that, my friend. Whether you are looking alone or with someone – keep looking. I think it’s why we’re all here. And if ever you want, I’ll look with you. XO ~ S.


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