With Free Hands



In keeping with the metaphor that life is a journey, one through which we’re all traveling, measured by steps both big and small, it is easy to perceive the time spent splayed out upon the ground as a moment of failure.

I perceived this to be true for many years, and perhaps many lifetimes before that. But it was during this journey that I discovered that moments spent face down in the dirt, are moments with purpose. In other words, there is a reason why we are there – there is something there for us to see, visible only at that level. In our haste to scramble to our feet we often fail to understand why we were thrust down in the first place. Trust me, there was a reason.

One can never reach the top without first finding themselves at the bottom. Because it is at the bottom where valuable pieces of insight, nutrients for our growth, our found. Sometimes our inner longing pushes so hard for change, that change is thrust upon us in a way that sends us spiraling to our knees.

I say, stay there for a moment. Look around. What do you see? Who enters your life, when there? Chances are, it is someone for whom your soul beckoned. Don’t dismiss their appearance by living in the pain of the moment. See the liberation given to you once you were thrown down upon the ground. Because as with life in the physical realm, when we feel ourselves falling – only then do we let go. In the doing, releasing the very thing that caused us the pain. Heaven itself, knows the only way one will release their grip is when trying to brace their fall. This method is Fate’s last resort.

So stay there, with your hands now free. And realize that on those nights when you cried tearless tears and pleaded without words; something was listening. It waits for us to let go of the life that did not honor us. It waits for us to let go of the partner that did not honor us. And when we chose to tighten our grip – it released it for us. Be grateful and see the love in the moment. That something loves us more than we love ourselves.

I firmly believe that when our sight is removed from all that we normally see, and our eyes are instead gazing only inches from the figurative ground – we notice new things – small jewels placed amidst the dirt. Use those hands, now set free, and pick up these precious stones. Brush off your knees, straighten your stance, and look around with eyes no longer encumbered by what previously blocked your view.

High heights are indeed euphoric. But in a world such as this, the journey usually requires highs as well as lows. Because only by falling down do we let go; thereby discovering hands set free to unearth deeper truths. Now, with hands open can we lovingly hold onto someone who values us as we’re meant to be valued. And now, with hands unencumbered can we dance with wild abandon. And most importantly, now with hands untethered, can we finally climb higher heights.

Just imagine what your hands can do, be and hold now that they are free.


Fun. – Carry On (Acoustic)


6 thoughts on “With Free Hands

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        You’re welcome…

        oh! don’t forget. Tomorrow my next blog will be posted. I can’t wait for you to see what I have come up with and created…Have you read what I posted yesterday? Read it and you’ll know what I am talking about. 🙂

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