The Naked Mind



If I were to have one requirement of my partner it would be that of total nudity. Not of the body, but of the mind. Most people however, struggle to bare this part of themselves.

It is within the labyrinth containing a man’s thoughts, dreams and fears that I want most to explore. Because it is there, where my attraction is formed. I’m intrigued not only by the words he uses to describe the profound and the mundane, but also the emotional texture and energy that rests behind those words.

There is nothing more exquisite than walking hand in hand, the corridors of one’s thoughts. The comments shared without thinking. The words said in the dark, before closing their eyes; words that emerge abruptly as if knowing there’s only a few minutes of wakefulness left in which to give voice to thought. The simple sentences that fall from the mouth after a long, soft look into their lover’s eyes. Then the blush that falls upon their face once they realize what they’ve said. The way the mind pulls hard to reign in the ardent desires of the heart, and all it wants to reveal.

But then, when allowed to walk further in, are discovered the words said when all hope is lost, and tragedy has struck. There it is discovered if the mind turns abruptly to a place of cold aggression, jealousy and fear, or toward a place of patience, faith and understanding. Are vitriolic words etched into the walls of their mind. Are the floors of their thinking, solid and stable, or teetering with mistrust. These things are the makings or unmaking of my partner.

Anger happens to the best of us. But when it does – what is said. It matters to me the words spoken through the mouth that rests upon mine. Once spoken, the words can’t be unspoken. Words are like entities released from the maze of the mind, taking on a life of their own.

Nothing is more breathtaking, than when a man feels safe enough to expose his naked mind. When he wants nothing more than to feel my tender feet walking along the pathways of his thoughts, and my gentle hands gliding along the walls of his most precious dreams and memories. I do not require my lover to have a mind shaped like that of my own. If he did, what would there be to discover?

Lovemaking of the mind is the most exquisite kind. This being the chosen method of most writers. Nothing hidden. Nothing feared. The body working hard to keep pace with a myriad of thoughts. When a kiss is the way to absorb the other’s thinking; through which is felt the acceptance of one’s thoughts. What could be better than knowing – the one with whom you are sharing your body – you are also sharing your mind. I can’t say this way of experiencing another would suit everyone’s taste. But once one has allowed fine dark chocolate onto their tongue, or a skillfully crafted red wine to glide across their lips – why would they ever want less. Simply put, I have no appetite for anything less.



4 thoughts on “The Naked Mind

  1. Cobalt TiNor

    Damn… :::deep breath::: that’s what I have been trying to express and what I have wanted for a while. It is very hard to bare your mind, but I have finally learned that when you have someone who truly wants to walk down those corridors and explore your mind that as hard as it can be to trust someone with all that is within, it seems to be well worth it.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I’m pleased that this piece resonated with you. The mind offers such a wonderful layer of one’s being to explore, if one is inclined toward such an exploration. Rare but not impossible to find ~ S.


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