If Snakes Do It

There is nothing wrong with shedding one’s skin. Snakes do it. And I feel as ever-evolving beings, so should we. This skin being the ideas, beliefs and habits that no longer suit us.

For whatever reason, we tend to feel that if something has been with us for a long time, then there it should remain. A relationship that has logged many years, even though highly dysfunctional, is retained solely due to the investment of time – not value. A particular viewpoint that bucks against even that of our own heart, we continue to hold onto simply because it feels familiar – not because it makes us feel better.

I can’t say why we do this, other than we humans, seem to be creatures of habit more than anything else. But not all habits are worthy of our devotion. And such is true when it comes to those habits that are toxic and restraining.

Those in the animal kingdom, more often than not, never interfere with their natural process. I am quite sure that humans are the only ones that feel their cognitive understanding is superior to natural and spiritual law. A snake, without thinking, lets go of the old; knowing that doing so is necessary for developing into its new form.

Research states that the body with which we are born, is not the body we own upon our death. Depending upon from which source you glean your data, the rate at which the body turns over its cells varies. However, all conclude that the turn over happens. Our cells do not remain constant. Whereas, the voice that accompanies us through life does. Its tone stays much the same, even though the ideas voiced by it vary greatly.

When we hold on to that which does not serve us, it is much like that of holding onto and wearing clothes that no longer fit. And in the doing, we weigh ourselves down. Some draw their final breath buried deep under layers of beliefs, ideas and theories that feel as misaligned and foreign to them as would dressing up in clothes belonging to a stranger. When we embrace the old that is no longer in our best interest, we do so only because it is familiar, not because it is the best choice, the healthiest, or the one that feels the most natural. Human’s scare easy in this regard. The new, the unknown, is often frightening. And yet, there and only there is where our growth can be found.

Use the date on the calendar as your catalyst if it helps. Or use the knowledge that shedding the old is vital if we are to make room for the new. Whatever the reason, stop for a moment and embrace that which rests on the edge of unfamiliarity. Because it is there where we evolve.


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