Ever Changing Perfection

Sidesaddle! Cirque Molier, c. 1880-1904.

Sidesaddle! Cirque Molier, c. 1880-1904.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them,” Galileo Galilei 1564–1642.

Our growth rests in what we do once those truths are discovered.

For reasons of which I’m not entirely sure, it is vitally important to me that people turn their thoughts inward. I guess, this is because I see so many people moving about without any thought given to the direction of their internal compass. Instead, we often let our movements be guided by outside forces. And yet, the force of the universe rests inside each of us.

During a radio interview today, the topic of self acceptance as it relates to body image, was the prevalent topic. How does one feel good about themselves when they don’t like what they see? So many of us are wanting to become a better version of the person we know ourselves to be. Whether we are changing our outer shape or inner shape, whether we are dropping thirty pounds or bringing to light scars from our youth – accept the person you are. We are, after all, forever changing beings.

The person on the outside shifts and adjusts. The person on the inside moves through various stages of enlightenment. We will never be truly stagnant. The human body has no choice but to push toward regeneration and growth. The spiritual body wants only to churn through the plethora of moments given it, as opportunities for its expansion.

So when we base our acceptance upon a moment in time when we will be exactly so, please know that moment is fleeting. As it should be. But right now, we can accept ourselves. We can accept the things within us that we feel honor us, and we can accept the things that do not; knowing all of these things make the whole. Accept even the things we want to change. If that thing is on the outside, then so be it. Don’t love perfection itself, because one’s idea of perfection will change, as all things do.

Love the constant that is you. The you that is buried beneath this ever-changing outer self. The you that is discovering deeper and deeper truths. Recently something within me came to light. And I wasn’t happy when it did. But this part is still me. It was birthed from a painful circumstance. And now, it wanted its release. Like a small child, it wanted my acceptance, not my banishment. Like a good mother, I looked at this part of me with loving eyes. From there, and only there, can we surrender, release and heal. If there is perfection in anything, it would be within that process. The process of turning one’s eye inward, and with no excuses, and no cloaks to hide under looking deeply – and loving what we see.

Often our greatest hurdle is the one thing that will cause us to reach new heights. Often our most deep-seated wound will be the one thing that will give us the insight needed to turn our lives in a new direction. And always, all of those things within us, if loved and accepted, reveal a beauty that is ours and ours alone, and second to none.



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