Breathe In. Breathe Out.

Model on the Eiffel Tower, Harper’s Bazzar, 1939

Model on the Eiffel Tower, Harper’s Bazzar, 1939

Love, I feel, is one of the most misunderstood of platforms. I say platforms, as love is the foundation on which all things reside. Even fear, has its place within the broad reaching realms of love. Love is what fuels everything.

Rarely is love fully embraced. Rarely is it allowed to live and breathe at its full potential. But oh when it is, it is the breath of God moving through one’s being. And, in my opinion, there is no other way to breathe. But doing so, requires a bit of surrender. Oddly enough this surrender has little to do with frailty, subservience or powerlessness, and everything to do with harnessing the powers that turn planets. Our greatest teachers felt love on this level. They loved all mankind. Never was their perception of love perverse or tainted. Never did it contain judgement or anger; as is often the case once man’s mind and ego get involved.

When one can stand and look at the one that pained them, and feel love, then they are tapping into the breath of God. We don’t have to like someone, to love them. There is a vast distinction between the two. We also don’t have to condone one’s actions, to love them. Love just is. It means I am allowing you to be and accepting you as such. I may choose to distance myself from someone, but I do so from a place of love. Love for me. Love for them. On the most basic level, that is the feeling I own. It is what’s in the air I breathe. The breath moves in. The breath moves out. I must share with you that it wasn’t always this way – I had to first love me. It took me four decades, but I finally got there. And I do not regret one year of that forty year journey.

What we feel about ourself is always displayed outward. I may not like all of me, but I sure as hell love all of me. I am exactly as I need to be to carry out this journey. My struggle to trust can, at times, infuriate me. But even so, I shine my love on it and bring it to light. Nothing escapes this light. I will continually be a work in progress. But I love that I am constantly evolving. I love me. And because of that, the love I offer others is pure in form, empathetic, and its intent contains the tangible breath of All That Is. And when this breath is released onto my lover, he feels it. He inhales the breath deeply within that of his own. He savors its ethereal qualities. He knows he is safe while this breath is upon him. And when this love is shared with my friends, they rest in the soft place of my nonjudgemental hands. This love is imbued within each word printed in my novels, my books and my posts. This love is sent around the world. And when I’m called upon to speak, the essence floating through my voice is that of acceptance. I simply see all of us as works in progress. We are quite perfect in that regard.

I can only hope that those who read my words and hear my voice; those who receive my love directly as my friend or as my lover, feel the intricate layers, the subtly and the raw depth of my love. Like a well crafted, full-bodied bottle of wine, its flavors are inherent to its making. I can only hope they taste it.

Love, when pure, no longer becomes questionable and uncertain. It possesses within it the energy of the universe. It is the stuff that sustains us, and allows us to live. I want nothing more than to breathe life into those too weak to do so for themselves. Because I will never forget when I too wasn’t breathing well on my own. So breathe, breathe, breathe. Some will exhale it back in your direction, and how exquisitely divine that is; but many will simply inhale. Either way, breathe.


10 thoughts on “Breathe In. Breathe Out.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to give me such wonderful feedback. It is always appreciated. There should never be anything that prevents us from doing so. Best to you ~ S.

  1. Peeksi

    The third paragraph alone was more moving than I can begin to describe. In fact, it brought tears to my eyes. You must have gotten chills when you felt the power of your words as you typed them. This piece…I absolutely loved it.


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