Like That Of An Iceberg

Split View ice Berg, Pleneau Island, Antarctica Photograph by Jonathan Green

Split View Ice Berg, Pleneau Island, Antarctica Photograph by Jonathan Green

A man recently told me that my energy is like that of Southern California air; I warm the spaces around me. I think he said this purely to win my heart. It worked. But that isn’t my point. Energy is everywhere. And no more is this evident than the energy that surrounds each of us – as it is the purest representation of who we are.

Some gifted souls can see energy; its color. But all of us can feel it. One can deny its presence. We can push past its presence. There are times when this is a must. There are also times when we do this because we truly do not want to accept what we feel. But also one’s energy can prompt us to gravitate in its direction; it can cause us to instantly become soothed, invigorated and replenished. All of us have this energy emanating from within, but rarely do we give it our attention. Generally, we pay more attention to the clothes we wear. All the while, everything we use to carefully cover ourselves with is forever cloaked under the energy we radiate.

This transparent layer that surrounds us is more under our control than we might imagine. We can change it, if we so choose. But never do we manipulate it directly. Instead, its shape, essence and feel are simply that of a mirrored reflection of our inward beliefs. Therefore, to change this outer layer, we need to first grasp onto our most inner layer. It all begins there.

The most exquisite looking individual will also carry with them the shadow of insecurity if they do not truly believe in their own beauty. Those around them may upon first glance see their attractiveness, but with time, their insecurities will shine through. Such is also the case with the most educated amongst us whom inwardly does not feel confident in their own knowledge; if not immediately, in time their self-doubt will shroud even their most erudite of comments. It is that inward person, those inward beliefs, one’s inward opinions that swirl together to form one’s translucent outer covering. No fancy baubles or accouterments can disguise one’s aura.

I look at people much like I would an iceberg standing deep within arctic waters. We are all from the same glacier; and what rests above the surface is merely a small showing of what rests below. Although one’s soul is everywhere, the mind can easily grapple with the magnitude of one’s omnipresence by equating it to an iceberg; its beliefs are the mass that sit unseen except for the sneak peek that juts atop the water. The inner being supports and forms the mass of ice that is presented for us to view. If we could all swim deep, we would easily see the true makings of one another; the part of us that can not be hidden. It shows itself even when we don’t want it to be seen. It is the tip of the iceberg. It is the mirrored voice, color, feel and energy of who we believe ourselves to be, right now, until we choose otherwise.



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