Be Happy

Photo by Grace Robertson

Photo by Grace Robertson

People are like snowflakes; all made of the same stuff, just presented differently. That presentation, consists not only of one’s outer trappings, but also the things they choose to believe.

One could easily conclude that my awareness of the world and the intimate workings of the inner self have caused me to be sullen and downtrodden; that isn’t the case. One can be sensitive without being sad. In fact, I believe we are meant to be happy; that in all things, situations and points in time, we are to feel peace within, and hopefully to the level that the peace flows out. In my opinion, peace isn’t portrayed in dull, solemn tones. No. Peace should give one the ability to smile easily.

If God is love, then laughter is one of the many ways in which that love flows from the human body. Joy in action. Laughter can hardly be encapsulated; for a good reason. God can’t be contained within a box, so how can any Godly expression. Instead, when we allow it, laughter often boils over. I have often sat alone while working, and laughed. I like to laugh and laughter finds me often. I’m especially fond of clown shoes. Of which I own two pair; one yellow, one red.

I wonder if others stop and think about why it is we want to laugh. Why it is we want to feel this outward manifestation of happiness. Not only do we want to feel good, but feeling good swiftly connects us with the love that is God. That makes happiness sound almost serious. But its a good kind of seriousness to which we should all subscribe. In addition to a moment of prayer, we should allow ourselves a moment of laughter. Often the soft centered feeling of peace accompanies truly effective prayer. Just as laughter often accompanies happiness. It is my belief that both are derived from that same ethereal place. The place that lives as much in the heavens as it does within us. It’s just a matter of choosing to tap in.

The sensitivity that has been cultivated in me through my life has allowed me to understand things in others that many do not. Of course, it just stands to reason though that I also have to refrain from subjecting myself to certain harsh circumstances. Meaning: almost never will you find me gleefully devouring popcorn while watching on the big screen the brutality of mankind. I would have to numb myself down considerably to do so, and I’ve come to a point in my life where I’d rather not be numb. I’d rather just focus on something that resonates with the love and joy in me, not the fear in me.

Today, tomorrow and for as many days as are allowed me, I will choose to believe I’m meant to be, and live with peace, joy and love. And as much as that sounds like the sentiments found in a Christmas card, I feel they should be the tenets of every day life. So laugh. Tap in. Give yourself permission to be happy. And let the God in you smile.



2 thoughts on “Be Happy

  1. Peeksi

    Very well-written and expressed! I believe in a link between all that is good, especially one connecting love and laughter. When you have a moment, I have a board on Pinterest under the pinner name Peeksicom titled, “Love in Laughter”, that you might enjoy. Have a humorous day 😉 !

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I will be sure to check it out! And thank you! I have a meeting with my attorney in about an hour, so I made sure to sit and laugh myself senseless on Pinterest for awhile! lol Thank God for Pinterest! I love to see all the funny perspectives we have on things. So much brilliant humor out there to be enjoyed. Have a humorous day too :)!!


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