It is important to me that I resonate with those that surround me. To resound in such a way, there must be symbiotic harmony. These people each possess their own singular sound, and yet when brought together they create an enhanced expression that contains the same unwavering tone.

Everyone emits a level of energy. Within that energy is also a silent tone. I feel it. I always feel it. Even when little words are said, it is this sound that can bolster me on my worst day, fill me with laughter and most importantly, remind me that I am loved. When one of these persons is near, I feel it well before making visual contact. They often leave their energy on me, long after they have gone.

It’s also important to me that these beautiful souls be different from one another. I cherish their diversity. It is was to these precious beings that I first revealed my authentic self. They watched me discover the self that I was too blind to see. And of course now, my authentic self is – my only self. But it was with them, that I first navigated the perilous waters of self-awareness, acceptance and love. I stepped into it fully, and they are still standing beside me.

I tend to distance myself from those that waver. There is something powerful about one’s conviction. And when one possesses it, it does not waver. It remains steadfast despite a whirlwind of superfluous emotions. If the ego has the ability to alter one’s tone, then the energy that created the tone was not grounded. Not yet. Nor, may it ever be.

I often sit back and watch the behaviors of others. Decades have shown me that it is usually through one’s non deliberate comments that they reveal the platform on which their true self sits. If one states that they come from a place of deep resounding love then it should cause them great pain to operate in way that does not reflect such a place. Time shows this. And due to such it is best to give all people and circumstances a bit of time. I like to see people during their worst moments. I like to see how things unfold during a bit of strife. There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained during both the quick moments and dark moments. I pay attention to both.

Anyone can take the pulpit and profess words that take one’s breath away. But it is what they say once their face is turned away from the masses that I want most to hear. Everyone has purpose. Some enter our life to teach us to merely trust our instincts. Never eschew the value in such a relationship. People come and people go. Some stay for a brief season. Some, for a lifetime. Those that walk this journey with me, as few as they may be, never waver in their love, conviction and intent. Somehow due to this, we can take on the world. We see the beauty in one another. And regardless of what life brings our way – we have harmony.



4 thoughts on “Unwavering

  1. Diane

    Love it. You’re so right. It’s the off-the-cuff remarks and the way people react when their own feelings have been hurt that really give us a true glimpse into their character. Sometimes it’s beautiful; sometimes it’s all too “human”

  2. Clark Kent

    One of the most unimaginative places one can dwell is the darkness that is not seen. They have glimpses in the light and somehow still find a path around the maze to stay in the dark. They never see the light to realize that the end of the maze is there. This was beautiful my dear Sane one.. Not because it unravels insanity it speaks to what truly deepens ones character while in that light.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Mine is not the job of unraveling sanity, thankfully. All I can do is shine the light on those that do not see their own darkness. But darkness is not all bad. It has its place. Thank you for the fine comment, CK ~ S.


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