“You are my peanut, I am your brittle!” Pepe Le Pew

When I was young I had to pitch my socks when I lost its mate. Obviously one couldn’t wear mismatched socks. Now, I spend good money to buy mismatched socks for my daughter – as it is considered fashionable. Life shows us that what might be perceived one way at present, may very well be viewed differently down the road.

If we can be a bit objective we notice the humor in the way life, ideas and circumstances shift precariously from here to there. But of course, our inner knowing, the very part of us that sits as our foundation, works best when remaining centered and balanced. I feel a relationship is similar to us in that it too requires a firm foundation; all the while the outward extensions move and adjust. Love requires roots. Something firm to hold it in place when the winds arrive. But love also requires that the stems, leaves and buds are allowed to grow. Love is not stagnant or dormant. Love is not a shackled event. It is an expression. It is, in my opinion, the most delicious of life’s expressions.

Our mind can trip us up a bit when it comes to love. When we find it we are tempted to seize onto it and ask of it to never change. But people change. A soul that does not expand and flourish is a soul that is no longer drawing air. There are many people who are living and yet are far from being alive. I know this feeling.

Always we should be showing these two sides of ourselves; the soul which expands, becoming a fuller version of itself; and the human that grows with new life experiences. As an old woman I hope to look into the eyes of the man with whom I will ultimately unite. And when I do I want to see that same beautiful soul, yet brimming from expansion. I also hope to see a man who has grown exponentially. I may have met him when he was just a mere sapling but with age he became a full-fledged oak; towering with life experiences.

We should want such things for our partner. We should want such things for ourselves. I never plan to give up on me. There are times when I’m not sure I like what I see, but I know it’s just a matter of shifting my perception. The same thing, yet viewed from a different angle can change from a negative to a positive – all by adjusting the mind. God likes to remind me of the importance of loosening the rigidity within my mind. And due to such, I try to allow myself my flaws, allow others theirs. I try to ease up on me. And ease up on those around me. Rarely anymore do I slam the gavel of judgement down. More often than not I try to first shift my perception. Sometimes no angle will provide peace. And then I must move on. But what makes a tree so strong isn’t that it is unmoving, but that it bends. Love moves. Love bends.

As this week of amore’ sweeps across our lives I hope we all look at love as the alive thing that it is. It wants to expand. It wants to be rooted, but it also wants to grow.



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