The Ever Important Orbicularis Oris

The anatomical juxtaposition of two orbicularis oris muscles in a state of contraction. That’s just plain sexy talk to this science gal. More so, the neural stimulation from such a contraction can be downright euphoric at times. Oh what those muscles can do. We give kisses. We receive kisses. Sometimes we steal them. I tend to like all three.

Kissing is such a unique form of expression. How odd it is that we take these muscles that help us with so many other things, such as eating, verbal expression, breathing (when our nose is plugged) and also use them to press against another. Add to it the fact that if one really scrutinizes the maneuvers involved in kissing, well, it looks down right peculiar. And yet it isn’t. It’s what every fiber in our being wants to do when deeply attracted to another. This thing, that when described in technical terms sounds awkward, is actually the first steps of a very sensual dance between lovers.

As a quasi germaphobe I can assure you that my mind has given ample time pondering the absurdity of suckling on something that once coughed up a loogie. There I said it. It had to be said. And yet, when with my partner, I seem to forget all this past contemplation regarding the subject. Instead, there is no place my lips would rather be. How odd it is the way the mind works when hormones and the heart have their way.

Being one that notices the obscure, I must say I’ve also given thought to how odd the human tongue is. The way it can jut out and wiggle around. The way it’s required for us to speak, to taste. How this thing which is down right crazy looking, is also quite crucial. And, in keeping on topic, without it, those kisses would dwindle down to no more than something similar to two fish mouthing one another. No, instead we use them to thrust, twist, twirl, glide and also quickly lap up ice cream if the day is exceptionally hot. The tongue, and its importance, should never be overlooked.

But kisses aren’t just simply the manifestation of our physical urges. There are times when more is said through a tender kiss than what can be relayed in an entire novel. There are times when we kiss the head of our child because the love we feel is so deep it’s almost painful. Then there are times when words won’t do our feelings justice, but the energy held within a kiss will. I find more energy in the moment that lives in the slight pause before a kiss is fully expressed, than often within the kiss itself. The expectancy that lives in that moment is delicious; the way two open mouths can be centimeters apart hanging on the precipice of full disclosure; the way the very air that lived inside one’s lover is mixed with that of our own – exquisite. There is so much energy in the simple paused moments of life.

So on that note I will leave you with this thought, kiss your children. Sometimes it is through that simple act that they fully know they are loved, accepted and wanted. And when it comes to  your partner, never cheat yourself or them out of the magic that lives within a kiss between lovers; how the eyes close, the mind softens and the souls are allowed to dance free.


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