Heaven and Earth



I’ve been sitting here holding crystals in my hand. I love the idea that these tiny rocks were once a part of the earth. Now they are mine, and I’m allowed to roll them in my palm.

Holding these stones, culled from the depths of the earth, into the light, it occurred to me, I won’t ever marry again unless the man is prepared to move heaven and earth to be with me. And I need to be prepared to do the same. I will teach my children, and perhaps even my step children the reasons behind this very important decision.  What we do for our partner over the course of the first six months reveals the blueprints of the entire union. We can’t ask from one another to build a skyscraper if the blueprint for which we are viewing shows that of a cabin. It would be unfair to both involved. All we can do is allow the blueprints to unfold and both decide from there.

As a man, never should you be with a woman who wants anything more than your heart. Because there may be times when your heart is all you have to give. And because she chose you based on the makings of such, by your side she will remain even during the worst of times. And as a woman, embracing the makings of a man’s heart is the only way to know, if his motives are fueled by the energy that will endure time.

Pay attention, I’ll tell my children. With loving eyes watch the way things take shape. The first few months tell most everything. If during that time a man doesn’t feel inclined to remove boulders to find a way to get to you, I’ll tell my daughters, then he isn’t worth your effort to be with him. Because there will be times when life throws a few obstacles your way. If he isn’t determined enough, or impassioned enough to fight for you when all is well – he never will. And to you boys, don’t panic. If heaven and earth sounds a bit heavy. It needn’t be. The lifting of it requires effort, thought and heart. That’s all. And she will notice. It’s in those little things that will give you the woman with whom you want to spend your life and your bed. If you want her to show you her divine femininity, treat her accordingly. Treat her with the utmost of attentiveness and tenderness. I assure you, she will reward your efforts by returning the same. And if you want her to give you her body, take the time to embrace her mind.

Dear sweet girls, remember, some of the very best men haven’t a clue of what they are doing. If their moves are cohesive, it’s from habit. Back away. If they fumble, take delight, the curtains are being pulled back on their heart with unpracticed movements. Allow them to be boys. Don’t fault them for the very thing you want most from them. Allow them that. Remind them of their strength, as the strongest amongst them often fails to see it for themselves. And remember, love one another not like you want to be loved, as that is the other’s job to do, but love them as they want to be loved. That is why they want you. Don’t forget your feminine touch dear girls, it is the one for which they most desire. And men don’t forget that even though your hands are strong, treat her gently. It is because she is delicate that you have chosen her.

Granted these are just the musings of a simple little writer. But I say, go be bold. If the blueprints make you smile, then let love remove the boulders, and let love lift the heavens. Don’t settle for less.



14 thoughts on “Heaven and Earth

  1. fredphillips

    You write beautifully. One other thing we lovers and prospective lovers might wish to consider … read ‘The 5 Love Languages,’ by Gary Chapman. It’s a must read. Cheers!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you for the kind compliment. And it should come as no surprise that of those 5 languages, my test revealed that I am Word of Affirmation 🙂 But this, I already knew, as nothing means more to me than the sincere words spoken to me by my readers, my family, friends and my lover. Cheers to you too! ~S.

  2. mas3398

    beautiful. I saw much truth there, but I disagree with the move heaven and earth tone. Respectfully, I just think we are being too tough on ourselves there. We are allowed to make mistakes in relationships because that is how we learn. Nothing is forever, remember that, Nothing, well…maybe God’s love.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I will have to reread my words as I know my intent was never that we can’t make mistakes. We all do. Its how we handle those mistakes that matters. Do we run, or do we push through our own insecurities to set things right, to help the other heal. To me its a sign that one is willing to move mountains when the mountain is their own fear. I know I am in the midst of doing just that for the one that I adore. There is something so beautiful about a simple, sincere apology. Much love to you ~ S.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      My brain and my soul seem to be partners nowadays. I can’t say that was always the case. Thank you so much for these very kind words. They have touched me considerably. Much love ~ S.


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