Seeking the Sun

by Nina Leen - 1955 Miami

by Nina Leen – 1955 Miami

Although I’d like to consider myself a somewhat graceful person, I’ll admit, I don’t wear regret well. When inspired, I take action. The energy that fills me while under the influence of inspiration is a drug to which I happily allow an addiction.

I more often regret those things I didn’t do versus those I did, as the cloud of unknown possibilities casts a larger shadow over action not taken. I believe it’s part of our divine nature to move forward; to seek expansion. To live in stagnation is a form of slow death, at least for me.

Not only does nature exist to flourish and expand, it seeks out its expansion when clouds stand in its way. If you doubt me, please take a blossoming flower and turn it away from the light. In time, and of its own doing, it once again finds the sun. It knows the sun bestows upon it what is needed to survive in full health – so it takes action; using its own power it moves in that direction. It also knows at times its best to close its petals and reserve its energy. This simple plant knows to adjust.

There is no greater form of disconnect from All That Is, than when we’re rendered powerless. We must be like God to feel connected to God. And one of the many faces of God is the feeling of empowerment. At times that thing upon which we want to take action, forces us to wait. Immediately we feel the disconnect. And subsequently cultivate a resistant energy which causes us to flounder. But energy and God are quite kind and expansive in their receptiveness. And to be like this great Source, so should we. Action is action, empowerment is all-encompassing. If action can’t be taken to the left, take action to the right. Return yourself to your natural state of empowerment by moving and doing where you can; even if that means turning away from the one thing with which you are being made to wait. Once the resistant energy is released, and through the uplifting energy of inspiration in action, the soul finds connection. And because we have once again allowed ourselves this empowerment, we have also found the key method through which God speaks most clearly – joy. When we feel the familiar stirrings of joy within us, we know we are optimally aligned with God. If not, then what is joy? What purpose does it serve. Not only do our cells flourish when filled with joy, but so does our heart, our mind and our life. Although some of my deepest connections have been found while my petals have been withdrawn, as those times are needed for spiritual inquiry and cleansing, it is when I’m facing the sun that I feel joy.

There are many times in my life when I know while I sat anxiously waiting for God, God was patiently waiting for me. Not that God was waiting for me to discover my inner power to turn pumpkins into carriages, but for me to discover that I have the power to seek out the sun and my joy; that we are a team in the unfolding of my life. I am the flower and the hand of God is the sun. Life requires of us to jockey around a bit. But it never requires of us to become powerless. But like the flower, it does give us the power to sit in the shade when needed or turn and face the sun.

Find your power. Find your joy. Find your sun – whatever that may be.



8 thoughts on “Seeking the Sun

  1. fredphillips

    Terrific post Samantha. What you describe reminds me of Bruce Lee’s characterization of water. Lee said, ‘when you strike water, it doesn’t resist or attempt to stop. It simply gives way and flows around the striking object.’

    I’m going to post your blog on my martial arts club’s Facebook page.



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