Holding the Crystal Ball

At one time or another, most everyone has wanted to peer into a crystal ball; to have some way of seeing their future.

We want proof our choices were wise; that upon following the promptings of our heart, we were not met with heartache; that if allowed to view our life from the end, we’d see our face smiling back at us.

And in that moment, upon seeing all is well, we’d let our eyes linger. We’d watch the beautiful manifestations of our hopes. We’d see that the uncertain person shown to us in the mirror, is now living a life of certainty, the life of their dreams. I want this. I believe most of us do. Holding this magic orb in our hand we open a cautious eye, our stomach flips and we pray not to see our image standing on the end of the plank, or our face held in our hands as we weep with regret, failure or loss. We’d see that our life didn’t end in ruin. At some point the struggle ceased. Instead of walking against the conveyor belt of life, something prompted us to turn and go with the flow. Life got better.

I have to wonder if the only way we’ll ever get the images of our dreams to shine back upon us is if we first intricately create them in our mind. Then like a sculptor, we passionately believe in the images our mind’s eye holds and bring the clay to life. Instead of being fearful, we are bold.

Something within me says that’s how its meant to be; that the universe has no power beyond the power of our own beliefs. Our focus drives the outcome. And due to such it’s our job to decide the color and shape fate uses. Some matters in life we can not avoid. The larger catalysts doled our way are necessary to evolve. But if fate ensures that we will, before our time is done, create a particular slender vase, it also allows for us to choose the clay and final color we use.

A very dear soul recently gifted me a crystal ball. Most likely to show his mastery of cleverness as so often I use the lack of owning such an item as my escape from saying what the future holds. I have on more than one occasion stared at this strikingly beautiful object. I’ve looked at it and prayed. And every time I look into it, I see me. Just as I believe its meant to be. I may not decide everything, but I have the power to determine much of my fate. And that is what it reveals. What do you want to see, it silently asks of me.

I want to see my children standing next to me on the beach; together we watch the sun retire slowly into the water. I also want to see my life’s love by my side. I want to see that in some way, he understands the things within me I do not. I want to see a joyful family, breathing deep the excitement of life in full bloom. I want to see my books enjoyed by many. More so, I want to see my words working as a balm to heal, smile and help others get carried away. I want to see abundance in all areas of my life; abundance I chose to share with many. And then as I look deeper, I want to see a woman with long silver hair blowing in the wind as she stands on the edge of an expansive cliff overlooking the ocean. The soft smile of contentment settles onto her face as she leans into the wind. And the wind, returning her trust, doesn’t let her fall.


Written to and currently infatuated with the song Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala


2 thoughts on “Holding the Crystal Ball

  1. luvnorcal

    “Something within me says that’s how its meant to be; that the universe has no power beyond the power of our own beliefs. Our focus drives the outcome.”

    Right on the money, seriously! I think this is what my mom tries to tell me all the time. And I agree too, but it’s just to hard to find in yourself all the belief you need to get what you want in life. I have spurts, and it helps me get to the next level, but then I look up again and think “Ah man, now I have to jump up there next?” I think it can be truly effortless at times though, although those times may be too few and far in between!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      I understand more than you may know. But whether we tap into it or not; whether we feel it always or not; its there. Waiting. Some days I feel as though my inner knowing could make the moon like a top. And yet on other days I question if I will ever manage to manifest my desires. I have to imagine its nirvana when we no longer bounce back and forth. How about this, you keep reminding me and I’ll keep reminding you 🙂 Much love, my friend ~ S.


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