Don’t Let Go

In my own distinctive way, I try to send us into the weekend with a lighter thought. My day was most peculiar, and not one that lends itself easily to light thoughts but I’d like to leave us with this: Never give up hope.

Often hope seems like a web. We grab hold of it but quickly notice it amounts to nothing; it dissipates in our hand. We become discouraged because we can’t see its substance. Hope may appear empty and transparent. True, you can not see nor touch its power. Yet its power is substantial. Hope is the rope tossed to us by our higher self. Grab onto it. Hold it. It leads to the steady boat of belief and knowing. And on that boat is where you want to be.

As I look around, more people than not are consumed with some sort of worry, doubt, fear or insecurity. The mind is inundated with external words of gloom. But more than that our internal words are of exhaustion and frustration; as if all this life stuff is getting to be a bit too much; as if we’ll never come up for air. And when life presents us with the most perfect of gifts, we pull back; scared due to a lifetime of scars and pains. If we could tap into the minds of those gathered in a room, only one or two would be without concern. Instead most everyone is buried under something that could easily keep them up all night. I can’t say why life is this way; why it is we are so vulnerable to turbulence. And if there’s one thing the human mind repels against, it’s the state of vulnerability. I know I do.

Hope is not without purpose. It is not silliness or folly. Neither is it the scrapings from the bottom of the bowl. Hope is the first hold we take onto pulling ourselves toward a deeper connection with All That Is and our Authentic Self; those two being one in the same. So please don’t see it as merely fictional thoughts stemming from desperation. Although the desperation may be real, thoughts are the seedlings for all future occurrences. So hope for only that which you want to later experience. Do not look upon it as the last wisps of smoke from a fire that’s burned its final ember. It’s not that way. When you have hope – you have everything. You are on the right road. Keep going. Hope for love. Hope for the partner who will finally see your divine beauty and value. Hope for the better future. Hope for abundance and ultimate success. Hope to love yourself in full. Hope to discover your true value. Hope in the fruition of your dreams. It’s all there for the taking. Its reality is what prompted the desire. You merely have to get on the road to claiming it. Hope is that road.  Hope is the rope that fits into the hand more easily than unshakable knowing; it’s the baby steps that precede full belief.

I know at times it seems as though all hope is lost. And at times, it is. Hope is lost. But like all things lost, it is not gone. It’s merely turned away from our gaze. Find it. Find hope. Look and look until you see it. And once you do, latch on. Don’t let go of the rope. Pull yourself back onto the boat of knowing all you desire is yours. Because it is. Go in the direction of that which makes you smile and fills your heart. At times this means a complete life change. At times this means simply making a slight pivot. If I were to draw my final breath tonight, let my last words be: All that you want for yourself is yours for the taking. Know it. Feel it. Be it. Hope will get you there.



16 thoughts on “Don’t Let Go

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Perhaps then that is why it flew from my fingertips faster than I could read it. I do not feel as though I wrote it. I merely edited it. I am glad it found its way to you, or the others needed it. There is a reason behind those things. Or so I feel. Much love to you ~ S.

  1. kevdrex

    It may not ever reveal itself to you … but hidden away … out there in the gloaming of quiet desperation that so many of us suffer from … there may be more than one lost soul that reads these words and grabs that ever-elusive gossamer thread we call HOPE and decides to soldier on just one more day rather than boarding that train that you need no luggage for.

  2. grovewithin

    I love your writings. Your last paragraph touched me so…it was almost as if you wrote the words just for me…thank you for such a beautiful post!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are very very welcome. And if it spoke to you, it was written for you. I believe energy works that way. When it touches us, moves us, resonates with us, then it was meant for us. Thank you for the sweet words. Best to you ~ S.

  3. words4jp

    thank you so much for another great post. everything you said about the subject of hope is true. I particularly like the metaphor regarding scrapings at the bottom of the bowl – this is where i am. but then i realized i typically like the scrapings at the bottom of the bowl, so i figure this must be a good start in the right direction:)

  4. Rustysaysarf!

    “Although the desperation may be real, thoughts are the seedlings for all future occurrences. So hope for only that which you want to later experience.”….that thought is the key to it all isn’t it!?! Thank you for more clarity!


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