Look At It This Way

It is my belief that we are all born into a certain set of challenges, unknown to us at the time; sometimes unknown to us during our entire lifetime. But mastering those challenges is the agreement to which we helped draft and consented before drawing our first breath.

And much like that of a team, certain souls agreed to help us along the way. They enter into our life in a positive or negative light; both to help us grow; both necessary for us to grow. So with this in mind, please do not punish yourself for feeling downtrodden at times. Do not feel as though you are weak because you doubt the unfolding of your life; because it feels a bit too overwhelming. Instead step back a bit. Look at the grandness of what is unfolding. Through the actions of your physical being your soul is fulfilling its agreement, its sacred spiritual contract. And even Jesus questioned his; as did Mohammad; as did Siddhartha; as did Abraham; as did all those whom we put so high upon the pedestal.

We look upon the great teachers, sages and mystics as being immortal. Due to such we often look down upon ourselves and our frail, doubtful human nature. And yet, they too wept. They too begged to be released from the mission given them. They too asked for guidance, help and understanding. Most of all, they too asked, why? Because it is within the questioning that spiritual maturation is found. One has to have the inner burning that spurs the question, if ever to receive an answer. The question does not show weakness as much as it shows the desire for growth. Of course the masters seemed to have a keen ability to latch onto the answers. Their power was in their faith. And thus they’re ascension into enlightenment played out a bit quicker than for most of us. But at its core, those who seek, are very much the same in that the road is riddled with things that make us question. That is the path. The potholes that make us stop are not there due to our lack of perfection, or our lack of greatness. They are there because without them we would have no need to stop, and ask why. And without the questions we do not evolve.

If there is one thing that separates the masters from those who seem to stay trapped in the cycle of only asking; it is that the masters accepted the answers and then moved forward.  They understood that this dimension provides not only the challenge but also the means by which to overcome the challenge. That is spiritual maturation in action.

You may think at first this means you are doomed to experience certain pains repeatedly. You are only doomed in that you will experience certain life experiences until you make the decision that will allow you to overcome and move beyond. So if you notice a cycle of hardship, please step back and instead of seeing it as an external assault, look at it and ask what it is you should be learning from the experience. Your soul is calling out for the experience as it knows it is necessary if ever the agreement is to be fulfilled.

So do not damn the challenges, and please do not damn yourself for having the challenge. In fact, please refrain from being so critical as to damn yourself at all. If one’s spiritual agreement is to overcome doubt, please look at those things that cause you to do so as opportunities given to finally have unwavering faith. And if your soul’s contract is to learn to claim the value of your voice, then please know you will be challenged in this regard. You may at first feel as if your voice has no value, no purpose and is inferior. That is the challenge you are here to overcome. Your soul is begging for you to see your own potential, so it will continue to give you opportunities that spotlight that part of yourself that needs work. So look at these challenges. See them for what they are. They are not signs of your weakness, they are merely opportunities to find your greatness.


18 thoughts on “Look At It This Way

  1. Megan

    Wow. This is one of the most beautiful, honest, deeply spiritual posts I have read in a long time. I am so glad I came across your blog and am now following it. This particular post showed up at exactly the right time for me. I am in the process of having some really exciting change happen in my life, although this change is a bit messy and doesn’t look like nor is following the exact path that I had envisioned. I have a snow day today and therefore am off work. I am going to re-read your post today and really let the whole idea of reflecting on what these specific challenges are in my life right now, and work on how to let go and let them guide me into a deeper, more beautiful life than I could even imagine. My vision of how I think my life should turn out is pretty good, but I think I have to work on having faith in the universe and let it offer me the version of my life my soul has been yearning for. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and moving words. You’re a blessing.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Oh. You are so very kind. Thank you. I too have entered a new chapter in my life. There is the life I had envisioned, then there is the life that erupted from me as a writer, and now sitting before me is a conglomeration of new things all stemming from the promptings of my soul. All of this seems to be what my soul entered this dimension to fulfill, and along the way for me to overcome a few obstacles; some large, some small. Ah to live the life for which our soul is yearning – something about that sounds divine, yes? I wish you well with it. Savor it. Much love to you ~ S.

  2. words4jp

    I always enjoy your posts. Everyone of them can be attached to me in someway. I have been told to step and look at challenges – not necessarily as a bad thing but a good thing in disguise. I have been trying and have managed a little success. But it is hard to break certain behaviors. 🙂

  3. fredphillips

    It is incredibly empowering to know that WE are creating our experiences for OUR OWN spiritual growth. One of my spiritual challenges is indeed to find my voice. I grew up in a home where children were ‘to be seen and not heard,’ and where an opinion that differed from the head of the household usually resulted in a scolding. Finding my voice has been particularly challenging given the fear I have of public speaking. Awareness, though is half the challenge. Speaking in front of kids is joyful, but adults or cameras … yikes! Run everybody!

    Have an awesome day!

    PS I take it you read Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss.

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Oh yes, Ms Myss. One of many life altering, profound teachers, yes? I enjoyed her work very, very much. And she did change the way I viewed the world. As the words of all good teachers should do. You are too funny – “run everybody!” lol I don’t mind public speaker. Fortunately, for the most part when I do, something seems to flow through me enabling to sound less like a dweeb and more like someone who actually knows something about which they speak! Phew. lol Have an awesome day, my friend. ~ S.

      1. fredphillips

        I wish I could explain the anxiety I feel regarding public speaking, particularly given that I did it as a job for 23 years. Likely some past life trauma!

      2. SaneSamantha Post author

        Oh those pesky past life traumas. I cringe. Well, knowing this as you do, then all I can recommend is that you overcome it now so that you won’t have to waste a whole other life doing so. This being my approach with my own 🙂 ~ S.

      3. fredphillips

        As Homer would say, ‘stupid past life trauma.’ You try to rationalize it in your mind, but then you feel it in your body. Interesting! Gonna get it done in this life. 🙂

      4. SaneSamantha Post author

        Yes, and maybe then I will finally be released to leave this particular plane. Or at the very least, come back one more time and just simply – chill. 🙂 S.

      5. fredphillips

        There is a chapter near the end of the book ‘Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah’ by Richard Bach, that consists of two lines. The first line is a question: “How do you know when you have no more healing to do?” The second line is the answer: “When you’re no longer here!” I believe that!

        Have an awesome day Samantha 🙂

  4. bstarbee

    Sigh… just what I needed today. Thank you for your wisdom. Makes me want to run into the basement and pull out some Kahlil Gibran, just to cement these things we know in our heart of hearts…

  5. elton

    . I read it 10 plus times and read it daily as a morning meditation. I have a high paying job that most people die for and it gives me zero satisfaction in life. So strange that my soul is not at peace and I was sooo disturbed mentally. After reading your article, I cried and realized that m just in the wrong place and that I have to be happy in life. I have decided to quit my job and see something that will want to wake me up everyday with a smile knowing that
    My body, mind and soul are all at peace. Thanks so much for your blog. Its changing me for the better. Much love. Elton

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      You are very welcome, Elton. I am touched by your words. In all that you do find your truth, it is your compass and the seat of your joy. And if I can help you to locate this very beautiful place within yourself then I am deeply honored. Best to you, in all things, and in all ways. Much love ~ S.


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