Anchors Aweigh

It is our very nature to move forward. Some recognize this inner pull as easily as they recognize hunger. Others are numb to it; living an entire lifetime without acknowledging the undercurrent of their own waters.

Not only do I live in full awareness of my undercurrent, I also notice the waves upon the water’s surface that knock me off course when allowed. I can, however, push through the waves. But it takes strong resolve to do so and there are times when my resolve has grown weary. But like hope, it is never gone.

However, for resolve and hope to spin their magic; to propel us where we are meant to go, we must jettison those things that keep us tied down to the past or to those things that no longer serve us. How can a ship move steadily forward with any amount of speed if it is dragging numerous anchors behind. We do this without even thinking, though. Some of us keep anchors dropped deep into the sand, as if those anchors define us; as if we’d lose a part of ourselves if we were to draw up the anchor. And yet those anchors are not us, we are the boat. The anchors are merely bits and pieces of our life, our past, that have become entrenched into our being. Their familiarity has made distinguishing between the two a bit murky.

Sometimes even dreadful states of being, emotional responses such as fear and doubt are mistakenly believed to be a clear representation of who we are. And yet, they are not. They are merely a reaction we carried out repeatedly, based upon a set of circumstances that came our way. The more familiar they became, the more we let the anchor dig itself in. But these responses, keep us tied down and held in a place that prevents us from moving forward. All of us drop the anchor of worry, doubt and fear. And while there; while held steadily in place, I have to believe much is to be learned. So while there, while your ship is kept motionless, examine that part of yourself. But once done, raise the anchor and allow your natural state of being to emerge – allow yourself to sail forward.

As we move into the weekend, notice your boat. Notice your natural state of being. Notice the way you immediately feel lighter when happy and propelled by joy. Also notice what it is that is weighing you down. Look back at the anchors you are dragging behind. While in the moment they may have served you, they no longer do; bring them up; feel your ship lift and begin to glide again. You control this boat of yours. You and you alone. So give yourself this – lift anchor, put your hand on the wheel, and set sail. Move in the direction of your joy.



10 thoughts on “Anchors Aweigh

  1. fredphillips

    A terrific metaphor. As a society we are anchored in the emotional woundings of our past. We need to embrace Nelson Mandela’s philosophy of reconciliation, particularly with ourselves.

    Have an awesome Good Friday!

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      And yet so few truly take on such an undertaking. I try to help people in this regard. I am so touched each and every time I help someone lift an anchor. Good Friday to you as well, my friend ~ S.


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