You Are Powerful

If there’s one thing in life that leads to our success and fulfillment or to our decline and living suicide, I believe it’s our struggle with power.

If only our desires fell down from the sky. In many ways this is our most tender, private, inner hope. Instead, all we want and all that we don’t want, is already here, living amongst us, awaiting our attention. This is true for what rests within us, as well as what rests outside of us. But training the eye and mind takes power, and for many, they feel powerless.

I’ve never played the subservient role well. Like a coat that’s two sizes too small, it just doesn’t fit me. I’d like to believe this is because my soul keeps reminding me that it’s walked many miles and has developed rather large muscles – and I’m to use them. And yet, there are days when I feel as if I don’t have the power to lift a pin, none alone shape my world. Or even worse, I feel as though I lack the power to lasso my desires. Instead, I sit on the fence while they gallop freely in the pastures beyond my control.

But, like all things, our energy rests within. What we do with it once released is another story, but it starts inside. In every moment, I have the power to decide how I will ultimately conclude the situation. And even when it feels impossible to make a choice, I’m making a choice. Sometimes that choice is to let life run me down. While emotionally  flattened, I’m still the one making the choice as to how long I will remain laying prone. Sometimes I just have to let the waves roll over me; letting the process run it’s course. I no longer look down upon myself for allowing such moments. I think these ups and downs are part of being human. If not, that’s the story I tell myself and as we know, our lives are simply the making of the story we tell.

Either because the waves have moved back out to sea or I’ve found the strength to swim to shore, once standing tall again, I peruse my surroundings and take stock of what remains. And regardless of the hits life throws my way, or the wrongs done to me by others, my power remains. In every moment; every singular increment of time given me, I can either tap into that power or let life overpower me.

However, when it comes to finally becoming one with my desires, my power must be enforced. There are times when surprisingly we find ourselves nose to nose with that thing for which we longed, prayed and hoped. We can either stare at it and wait for it to move and become one with us, or we can power ourselves and become one with it.

Make a point to recharge your batteries. Like all energy sources, things get depleted when not nurtured, and replenished. Feed your energy. Do this with a healthy body, do with this with a healthy mind. Most of all, do this by taking the time to remove the weight of the world, its not yours to hold; and let your spirit buoy you back up, connecting with those things that are positive influences.

The divine power we use and place into the world isn’t one of greed, manipulation or aggression. Often the greatest power we infuse into others is that of our peace, love and grace. Within us rests both polarities: positive and negative. To become who you know you want to be, to hold your desires in your hand and heart, tap into the positive within you – it’s there. Instead of underestimating it, build on it.

You are powerful.



5 thoughts on “You Are Powerful

  1. chris nagy

    you again have given hope to the depression side of me, constant pain can do that to some one but you make me want to find the hope and strength to go on even if it might be slowly,

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Hope, sometimes that is all we need to move forward. I am so so glad that I could be the one to offer it this time. And slow is still movement. Love to you ~ S.


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