Suspension of Disbelief

Those following a certain line of thinking believe all we have is the now. But this now of which they speak is a perpetual thing, you see. Life is a perpetual, ever-circulating thing. Our souls live a Sisyphean experience. Our physical bodies do not. Nor do our minds that accompany us on this journey.

So to instruct another to be only in the now, is to instruct them to buck against their physical, egocentric nature. The soul frolics as it has intimate knowledge of the illusionary nature of time. All the while, the human form continually hears the clock tick. The mind panics. And with that, the clock ticks louder. But what if, when we mute the world for a moment and live in the now; when we suspend our disbelief in ethereal, divine intervention, we shift the very energy that opens the portal to such intervention, and invites providence into our lives. Although time and time again I’ve seen this energy shift in action, I still find it to be one of the hardest tests of one’s faith.

I wish life could be easier for us all. My desire for that to be so is great. If I had the pixie dust needed I would sprinkle it near and far. I would cup my hands over your ears and mute out the clock that worries you. But such a thing is not inherent to this life. Instead, this journey is one of countless opportunities necessary for each of us. The soul that frolics welcomes these opportunities while the mind and body fall to its knees with each new challenge; life lessons. What if the clock ticks louder until we learn how to always shift our energy back into the state of an open, allowing connection with All That Is.

I have lived some of the worst now moments imaginable. Some I saw as the tomorrow, soon to be my now. Some I had no advance warning of their arrival. And yet, worrying about tomorrow never seemed to lessen the severity of it once it arrived. It only served to steal from me any ounce of peace that might have bolstered my resolve once tomorrow arrived; the fortitude and strength upon which I would soon be relying.

So in these little moments of now, allow yourself to breathe. Give yourself a minute of peace. I can’t say what your now will be like tomorrow. I can’t say what things, good or bad, will greet you on Monday morning. But I do know this, you have now. Even if in this moment tears fill yours eyes to the extent that the angels are crying with you, breathe. Close your tired eyes, mute out the world, blind yourself to tomorrow and just feel the silence that is always within you. That calm within you is your soul. When it frolic’s it does so in a way that permeated your being with stillness and peace. Give yourself that. The nourishment you give yourself today, is what gives you strength for tomorrow.

Again I say close your eyes, turn on the music you adore, and let a bit of peace settle into your now. Because quite honestly, that moment defines it all. So in that moment suspend all things – and believe.



8 thoughts on “Suspension of Disbelief

  1. words4jp

    I have learned – in the past year especially – that i have to take one thing at a time and not get caught up in the tomorrow. I have this tendency to get overwhelmed by a lot of things all at once and then over think each one and try to figure out all the possible outcomes – ALL AT ONCE! no wonder I am on the border of nuttiness sometimes. i have gotten a bit better – i had to because my nuttiness was about to kill me. you are right – a deep breath, think about what it is that needs to get done or figured out and not get all caught up in the tomorrowsssssss…..

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Life can so easily be overwhelming. I deeply agree. When my son was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, I entered a level of being overwhelmed that forever changed my life. I was forced to stop all thought, mute out the world and have faith. I was forced to be in the now. I didn’t know if my son would be alive tomorrow. So yes, my friend. I do understand. Much love to you ~ S.

      1. words4jp

        why is it that we learn these things as a result of something so difficult and heart wrenching? i am very sorry to hear about your son. xx

      2. SaneSamantha Post author

        Perhaps because for some of us, its the only way to truly get our attention. I believe we have the choice to evolve; to make on our own the needed adjustments. But often we don’t. Whether due to fear or familiarity we choose to stay in places os suffocation or within perceptions of denial. After enough time, and maybe due to our prayers, fate intercedes with a strong hand. This July my son will be eight years out and still cancer free; the brain tumor never returned. Such a thing should change one’s life. A year before his diagnoses I nearly lost my own life. Apparently Fate used not just one hand with me, but two. But we survived. And we move forward. And I do so with reverence, and hopefully grace. We are getting there, you and I. I will not give up on us. ~ S

      3. words4jp

        Thank you for these words – i have read them several times and they make me cry. I am not sure why, but it has elicited some deep emotional response. i am thankful to your words – more than I can ever put into words. xx

      4. SaneSamantha Post author

        I feel your love and I think you feel mine. I want the best for us. We all deserve that, yes? I will always be here, as will be my words. Love to you, truly. ~ S.

  2. fredphillips

    As Eckhart Tolle said, the future and the past are merely thoughts. We cannot live in either, We can only live in the present moment, Any thoughts the take us out of the present moment is just mental commentary, born from unresolved emotional pain, faulty beliefs and conditioned thinking. They are not ‘real.’

    Glad to hear you and your son are doing well 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      Thank you! To the very best of our ability we should remain present. And when we do allow ourselves to reflect upon the past or contemplate the future we should be very deliberate when it comes to those things with which we choose to fill our mind. Best to you, my friend ~ S.


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