True to You

It’s amazing how often we stray from being true to ourselves. Or at least it is for me. I tend to forfeit my wants in lieu of making life easier for others. It seems life rarely lets me off the hook, though. So as I establish my writing platform on the philosophy of being true to one’s self, the Universe keeps reminding me to live by my own words.

The spotlight is continually shined upon me, so that I can shine it upon others. Allowing me to remind them to go inward a bit more, and outward a bit less. To see their inner value, beauty and purpose. Once we discover how to love ourselves, even our faults, we tend to become more tender and loving towards others. Love stemming from such a place takes on the very texture of the tenderness we have learned to give ourselves. And in what better way to love, than to love tenderly.

We should all be loved in this way. When we learn to turn our love inward, it simply means we judge ourselves less, and in turn judge others less. We give ourselves a second chance, and in turn graciously allow others the same. Once we learn to see the beauty within all the many facets of our being, we more easily and readily see the beauty in others. It means because we give to ourselves unconditionally, we tend to give to others unconditionally.

But at this level of being comes an equal level of responsibility. To be true to one’s self means to also honor and protect one’s self. Unconditional love should never be confused with allowing one’s self to be misused, neglected or preyed upon. It means at times having to ask yourself: Does this relationship honor me? Sometimes the answer we receive is not the one we want to hear. For me, the answer required that I reshape my life. I had to remove my well-worn blinders and become brutally honest with myself. I had to let go of a marriage that no longer honored me. I had to let go of a life that no longer honored me. But do not be afraid to ask the question. And please do your best to fear not the answer you receive. Your higher self requires such questions. So such questions must be asked.

As you move forward and step into your true self; as you begin to see the divine that rests within you, surround yourself with those that also see your unique beauty. Release those who do not. As you begin to see your true potential, move steadily in the direction of utilizing that potential. When the time is right and to the extent that you can, release those endeavors that do not. And as you begin to view the true you, view the perfection that rests within your imperfections. Please know its all a matter of perception – so perceive the best. Think the highest thoughts about yourself. And surround yourself with those things that edify this belief. You will always be challenged to grow, which means there will come a time when you find yourself faced with those things you’ve outgrown. Welcome this. Don’t try to live within something that no longer fits. And please know you’ll always be challenged to dig deeper and unearth those things that no longer serve you, within you and around you. So dig from a position of love.

When you give yourself the best, then and only then can you give the best to another. So with that, give yourself your honesty, your love, your most tender of care. Only by first being true to you, can you be true to another. So in all things, be true to you.


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6 thoughts on “True to You

  1. Paul Davis

    Powerful and much needed. Been trying to remain true to me, been doing well, but last night I badly wanted to chase and throw my being true to myself all away. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

    1. SaneSamantha Post author

      My dear friend, oh how I know your struggle. At times my emotional fatigue is near overwhelming. And yet something pushes me on. My soul wants to continue on, in part due to a deeply rooted purpose but also to finally convince my mind of the importance of allowing myself the moment to stop and smell the flowers. Allow yourself the moments you need. If you are here, there is a reason. If not, you wouldn’t be. Much love to you ~ S.


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